We love Knoxville & we love what we do.

Our Team is dedicated to helping make Knox your spot.


Making friends as an adult is hard. You move to a new town when you get that first (or second or third) job, and six months later find you’ve spent most nights eating take-out from a national chain and watching Netflix. It’s not your fault, friend.

We know you’re an interesting person who wants to connect to your town and discover all the idiosyncrasies of the place you live. We found ourselves in this same situation a while back. Adulting is hard! But eventually we found some friends, said enough is enough, and started creating New2Knox – because no one should miss out on the amazing people, places, and things Knoxville has to offer.

So here we are, writing about all the things we love about our town and getting people like you together. If you’re new to Knoxville or just looking to discover new things about Knoxville, this community is for you. We’re rediscovering Knoxville together. We hope you love it.