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100 Block

Learn more about the 100 Block located on Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville.

Meet Knoxville’s 100 Block

The 100 Block of Gay St. feels slightly set apart from the rest of downtown. When cars were first becoming a thing, Summit Hill Drive, was constructed with the intent to help with traffic flow. However, it simultaneously (and we can assume, accidentally) split downtown Knoxville when it comes to pedestrian flow.

The result is a pleasantly quieter (and classier as it’s also considered the Art District) section of Gay St.

And while the 100 Block may be pleasant and classy, it’s not without its secrets. The whole block was actually raised one story back in 1919. While it may be a stretch to call this portion of Knoxville an “underground city,” there is a whole floor of currently unused storefronts underneath the present street level. Intriguing? 100 [Block] percent.


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