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North Knoxville

North Knoxville is riddled with historic charm and many of our favorite local businesses. We love the way old meets new and hipster meets yoga-mom. From sidewalk-lined streets to some of the best brews in East Tennessee, North Knoxville is brimming with obsession-worthy neighborhoods to enjoy!

Click on the sub-neighborhoods below to get a better idea of where you want to start exploring!


Fave North Knox Spots:

Fave Breweries: Crafty Bastard, Xul, Geezers, and Schulz Brau

Fave Coffee Shops: KBrew, Remedy, and Wild Love

Fave Plant Shops: Oglewood Ave, Jacks on Central



What is there to do in North Knoxville?

  • Enjoy a meal at Knoxville's first food truck park: Central Filling Station.

  • Wander through the beautiful historic neighborhoods via walking or biking.

  • Spend a day brewery hopping! (Or two - there are plenty!)

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      5:00 pm

    • 1138 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917


    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    Get $1 drip coffee, $1 cappuccinos, $1 bagels, and $6 bakers dozen bagels Monday-Friday at any KBrew location from 5-6pm! 

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    20 April, 2022

    5 Flights to Try in Knoxville
    From coffee flights to beer flights to flights to exciting places, Knoxville is full of flights and we are fans of all of 'em. But as much as we love all those flights to vacations - it's considerably cheaper (and much easier) to do the beverage kind on a whim.…
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    18 February, 2022

    Top Places to Cozy Up by a Fire in Knoxville
    If you’re new to Knoxville, there is something you need to know about Tennessee weather… it can be a little crazy. I’m not sure who originally said this, but the saying: “If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it'll change,” definitely applies to our scruffy…
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    1 February, 2022

    All Things Valentines Day in Knoxville
    Whether it's your honey, your bestie, your puppy, or, you know, the cutest lil city in the south, we've all got somethin' to love. If you want to 🎉celebrate🎉 all that love, check out one of these fun Valentine's Day events happening all around our valentine: sweet ole Knoxville, TN!…
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    27 September, 2021

    KBrew Coffee: A Look Inside
    If you moved to Knoxville longer than, say, a day ago - chances are you've heard of K Brew. Known for their hammock chairs and delicious specialty lattes (they rotate with the season), it’s no surprise KBrew quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best coffee shops…
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    27 July, 2021

    5 Must-Try Taco Spots in Knoxville
    Taco obsession is not a new phenomenon, but regardless if you’ve been in Knoxville a little over a year (like me!) or you’re Knox born and bred, finding the perfect taco can feel like a never-ending quest (albeit a fun one). Here are five spots we’ve been returning to lately:…
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    15 July, 2021

    Crafty Bastard Brewery: A Look Inside
    600 beers in six years. Just to save you the math: that’s about two beers a week. Two unique beers a week that Crafty Bastard Brewery has put into the world and into our mouths since it opened its doors in downtown north in 2015. Just by the numbers, Crafty Bastard…
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    9 July, 2021

    5 Must-Try Food Truck Parks
    We can all agree that food trucks rule, so it comes as no surprise that Knoxville went from zero food truck parks to five (yes, five) in just a matter of a few years. Are we mad about this? We are not. (And since you're here reading this, we're just…
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    28 May, 2021

    5 Must-Try Burgers in Knoxville
    We are firmly of the opinion that there is no wrong time to eat a good burger, but we have to admit - they hit different in the summer. Whether you're dreaming of backyard cookouts or aesthetic patio hangs, most of us are bound to experience a craving over the…
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    6 May, 2021

    10 Kid-Friendly Spots to Hang
    Here are two things you quickly learn after having kids: first, it is imperative you find kid-friendly places you also enjoy (good news: we're here with the scoop on kid-friendly spots in Knoxville. You're in the right spot😂); and second, the questions buzzing through your head never stop. Things you…
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    22 April, 2021

    Geezers Brewery: A Look Inside
    If there's one thing you can count on with the old geezers in your life, it's that they can tell a good story. Friends, true to form, Geezers Brewery is so full of good stories, it's honestly hard to know where to start.
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    19 March, 2021

    Oglewood Avenue: A Look Inside
    Jade Adams is the stylish, hilarious owner of Oglewood Avenue - and frankly, we’d like to be her new best friend. (It’s not weird, okay? Don’t make it weird.) Besides, considering the way she takes care of her plants, she’d be a good best friend to have. Let’s back up:…
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    26 February, 2021

    Xul: A Look Inside
    Our aesthetic here at New2Knox is decidedly sunshine-based. As Xul Beer Co.’s social media aesthetic is darker and more, well, skull-esque, imagine our delight when we walked into North Knoxville’s newest brewery (though already known around town for their fruited sours and pastry stouts) and encountered an unexpected airy mid-mod…
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    26 February, 2021

    7 Dog-Friendly Businesses
    It’s fun to grab a drink after work with your pals. It’s more fun to grab a drink after work with your pals and your pups! Not only are dogs the best, but they also act as incredible buffers if you’re in a new place. Want to meet some strangers?…
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    5 January, 2021

    5 Fave Black-Owned Businesses in Knoxville
    If you’re anything like me (white… oh so very white), you may have realized you had a lot to learn last summer. You may have also been surprised to learn that COVID was hitting Black-owned businesses (even in Knoxville) disproportionately hard. My favorite part of 2020 life was ordering local…
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    10 March, 2021

    Sharp’s Ridge: Hike Just Minutes from Downtown
    One of our very favorite things to do in Knoxville is the Sharp's Ridge hike right off N. Broadway in North Knoxville. Being just 10 minutes from downtown and with plenty multi-use trails, it’s the perfect after-work spot to get some steps in (or spins - it's a popular spot…
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    7 March, 2021

    Guide to Greenways
    Knoxville is home to miles upon miles of greenways connecting all over the city. This city is essentially a biker, hiker, and runner’s dream - or in our case, extreme amateur bikers, hikers, and runners. Before we get too far into this, two things are helpful to know: 1.) Greenways…
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