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Save the Fish Live!

A Fundraiser at Albright Grove Brewing Co. for Conservation Fisheries
29 Apr
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Albright Grove Brewing Co,

Y’aaaall, Knoxville is home to so much outdoorsy goodness & the folks at Albright Grove Brewing Co. & Conservation Fisheries are doin’ the work to make sure that stays true for yeeeears to come! You can also help – with no work necessary 😂 (Does that sound… fishy? 😉 Fear not – it’s legit.)

Just keep swimmin’ to Albright Grove Brewing Co. on April 29th for a night of live music featuring Count This Penny (WE LEGIT LOVE THEIR FOLKSY GOODNESS 💛) and Clint Mullican and Robinella featuring Josh Oliver – with every single penny of proceeds going to support Conservation Fisheries.


Also, if you love behind-the-scenes stories tuggin’ at your heartstrings as much as we do, here’s one from Nick, the owner of Albright Grove:
When my dad passed away I was going through his stuff, and found an old shirt of his “Save the Snail Darter!” that was vintage from circa 1979 when he first moved to Knoxville, and was a campaign protesting the construction of the dam. The project eventually, unfortunately went through and the dam was constructed. But, thanks to CFI they were able to raise new generations of Snail Darters in their lab just off Sutherland, and populate them into the French Broad River. They had tremendous success, and just last year they were able to save the Snail Darter, not just from extinction, but even high enough numbers to completely pull them off the endangered species list!  I still have the shirt and need to get it framed for them.

We just love that story 🥲

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