3 Must-Try Food Truck Parks

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3 Must-Try Food Truck Parks

I assume we can can all agree that food trucks rule – so it’s been a hair of a bummer to see some of our faves not reopen in Knoxville this summer. But are we glass-half-empty people?? No, Knoxville, we are not! (And since you’re here reading this, we’re just going to go ahead and assume you’re a pretty fun glass-half-full positive person too. We’re also going to assume you’re adorable and kinda funny. Did we nail it? I think we nailed it 😉) So without further ado, here are some food truck parks in Knoxville we looove who are still kickin’ and livin’ large!

1.) SouthSide Garage

SOUTH KNOX: SouthSide Garage was a perfect addition to the laidback, outdoorsy vibes of Old Sevier. Everything about them screams SoKno – from their big garage doors to a backyard that makes you feel like you’re hanging at your neighbor’s house to a fully dog-friendly atmosphere.

While SouthSide usually doesn’t sport gobs and gobs of food trucks, you can always count on their resident food truck (as we’re writing this it’s Dia De Foods *drool*) and a full bar complete with wine, craft cocktails, and local beer. Come hang for a Trivia Tuesday or a bocce league or one of their legendary “MASHUP” events where food trucks collab on menu items and we all get to benefit from it 🤩

2.) Creekside

KARNS: This food truck park was originally described to us “a corner of the Food City parking lot.” And that, friends, is an egregious mishandling of the information 😂 Creekside has transformed this corner of the shopping center into a full Tennessee patio oasis with a line of food trucks, their own kitchen creations, two big ole bars, large TVs, and plenty of seating for eating & lounging all brought together by the magic ingredient: string lights, baby! It is LOVELY. Mosey on over to Karns this summer and enjoooooy.

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3.) Hey Bear Cafe

CEDAR BLUFF: You may think of Hey Bear Cafe in West Knoxville as a boba tea spot… and you’d be right. But she’s also FULL OF SURPRISES because Hey Bear Cafe is also definitely a food truck park, babyyy. They host at least one, usually two, and sometimes even more food trucks every single day of the week – not to mention additional pop-ups most days as well. Their big, beautiful backyard is the perfect place to eat some local grub and sip on boba, no matter your age. Pro-Tip: They’re really good about posting their food trucks, events, and live music schedule over on the ‘gram so make sure to give them a follow!


These are decidedly not food truck parks, but here are a few spots to find a food truck anyway!

⭐️ Xul Beer Co. in Downtown North Knoxville hosts Abridged’s Burger Truck eeeeveryday. Those smash burgers are soooo good, y’all. So good.
⭐️  On the south side, Trailhead Beer Market is permanently home to the Gato Peligroso truck. They’ve got an ever-changing menu of tacos & burgers & mooore.
⭐️  Merchants of Beer in the Old City is another spot with a resident food truck. Their Pop Up Truck has a rotating menu but she’s currently home to some of the best barbecue in Knoxville: Oakwood BBQ (*drooooool*)

Cheers to glasses half-full (or, you know, fully full) of good brews as we share big plates of fresh food around long picnic tables under the glow of string-lights & head-lights from food trucks in Knoxville 💛

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