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Making friends as an adult can be hard. Trust us, we know. You move to a new town when you get that first (or second or third) job – or maybe you politely stayed in place while everyone around you rudely moved away. Either way, months go by and you realize you’ve spent most nights eating take-out from a national chain and watching The Office for the fourteenth time. (Woops!) It’s not your fault, friend.

In fact, we found ourselves in this same situation awhile back; and after making some friends (finally), we learned it’s super common.

That’s why we started New2Knox.

We hope to be a one-stop resource for you to find the people, places, and events making Knoxville awesome. We hope to connect you to your new best friend and your new favorite cup of coffee. We hope to introduce you to your new favorite stroll and your new favorite Happy Hour. Honestly, when it’s all said and done, we just hope to help you connect with your people and fall in love with your city.

So whether you’re new to Knoxville or just looking to discover new things, this community is for you. We’re [re]discovering Knoxville together!

New2Knox exists to connect people to Knoxville & each other!


Here’s our mission: We connect people to Knoxville & each other by celebrating new spots, old faves, and creating community together – while always appreciating a well-placed emoji 🎉

Here’s a bit of our story: We started contemplating the idea of “New2Knox” while training for the Knoxville half-marathon. (If you’re as slow as we are, running a half-marathon gives you an embarrassingly large amount of time to do things like “contemplate.”) While endlessly running, Emilie Stooksbury admitted two things:
1.) Making friends as an adult is annoyingly hard.
2.) She wasn’t feeling Knoxville.

Thankfully, Emily Stevens (yes, yes, there are two Emilys) gets things done; and after hearing these admissions from the other Emilie, she decided to do something about them. So we invited the internet to a party at the Bearden Beer Market… and people came. That party proved to us that there was a need – thus New2Knox was born.

Since then, we’ve added the amazing Bailey Rose to the team, hosted countless socials, launched Small Groups, and began highlighting our favorite parts of Knoxville.

And now… we can’t wait to help you fall in love with Knoxville as well! Start Discovering here!

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    Emily Stevens
    Emily Stevens

    Emily has called Knoxville home since her days at the University of Tennessee. She's a big fan of everything from the fast-paced world of real estate to the low-key world of brewery fun runs (especially if those things are happening in North Knox). If you need someone to root you on, help you out, and then celebrate you big afterwards, Emily is your girl!

    Emilie Stooksbury
    Emilie Stooksbury

    Emilie is a big fan of strong coffee, good vibes, bad puns, and all things downtown Knoxville. This 7w6 (if you know, you know) has lived everywhere from a farm in Michigan to Austin, TX and finally landed in our scruffy city in 2014. If you need someone to laugh at your jokes or point you to sunshine, Emilie's your girl!

    Bailey Rose
    Bailey Rose

    Bailey is the newest to Knoxville, finally journeying from Texas to the Scruffy City in 2019! She's a big fan of coffee in an IV, adorable dogs who can fit in teacups, and discovering gems at local thrift stores. If you need someone to straighten your crown (or first find you a crown at said thrift store), Bailey is your girl!

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