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5 Health-Conscious Restaurants to Try in Knoxville

5 Health-Conscious Restaurants to Try in Knoxville

If you went into this new year wanting to eat a few more whole foods (or it’s simply time to address the smidge of lactose intolerance you’ve been ignoring for twenty years #guilty), we’ve compiled five health-conscious restaurants in Knoxville you should definitely check out! (Don’t worry, y’all – it’s us. Bread will still be involved.)

Image from @blossombowls

1.) Blossom Bowls

Blossom Bowls (formally known as “Java Juice” or “Juice Box”) just feels fresh when you step through the doors. With delicious smoothie bowls and toasts, it’s a great local spot to start – whether you’re looking to go vegan, dairy-free or you simply want to eat more fruits and veggies. Even if you couldn’t care less about those things, ask whoever is working about the best smoothies, juices, etc. to boost your immunity because let’s face it, coughing is officially embarrassing.

Kopita serves healthy food in knoxville

Image from @kopitaknox

2.) KoPita Authentic Mediterranean

If you are looking to move to a vegan diet, KoPita has got you covered. They offer an extensive vegan menu including classics like falafel pitas and babaganoush bowls. Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh, everyone who works there is eager to educate, and they serve flavorful and free Turkish coffee I would happily spend plenty of money on (shhhh that stays between us).

Gluten free donuts in Knoxville

Image from @thedonutheory

3.) The Donut Theory

Looking to cut down on gluten? Enter: The Donut Theory. Everything they make is prepared with celiac-disease and actual deliciousness in mind. The Donut Theory doesn’t want to be “surprisingly good for gluten-free.” Their aim is to be, well, just dang good! (And spoiler-alert, they are – *drool*) They churn out delish donuts on the daily, including classics and specialty flavors – and with their new space inside Marble City Market, they also whip up hearty meals like fried chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese. We’re not even gluten-free but if we’re bein’ real, you’ll probably see us there. 😂

4.) Cook to Be Well / Vid’l

Tucked inside the effortlessly cool Glowing Body Yoga Studio, are tasty meals from Cook to Be Well. However, coming very soon, the bright mind behind Cook to Be Well will be opening her own brick and mortar in the Old City – Vid’l. Thankfully, at the heart of both concepts is delicious plant-based food. You’ll be able to grab and go, or sit and stay – either way, you’ll say hooray (because the food will be really good and legitimately really good for you. Sorry, we just really wanted that last sentence to rhyme.)!

5.) Free Reign Bakery & Cafe

(What does it say about us that 2 of the 5 spots on this list feature baked goods? Not important.) Moving right along, Free Reign Bakery & Cafe can get you set up with baked goods (and more!) free of the most common allergens, ie: gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish/shellfish, and corn. They’ve got locations in Bearden, Powell, and off Alcoa Hwy, so go get your bread on! It’s basically salad anyway, right? Right? 😬

Whatever your goals are for this year, we hope this helps you reach them with a whole lotta local love! Have other goals for this year? Discover Ten Things to Do Sans-Alcohol here. Discover 5 Ways to Live Sustainably in Knoxville here!