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5 of the Best Patios in Knoxville

When it comes to late summer/early fall in East Tennessee, you can count on two things. First, University of Tennessee football will let you down. Second, the weather will lift you right back up🙌 We’re talkin’ temps in the mid-70s, refreshing breezes, even *a little less humidity.*  You may find yourself asking, “Am I in California?” No, my friend. You have, in fact, stepped into prime patio season in East Tennessee. Don’t you dare go inside to drink your celebratory “I-Don’t-Watch-Football-So-This-Doesn’t-Affect-Me” beer. In no particular order, we’re here to share five of the best outdoor patios in Knoxville, Tennessee. (This will obviously be a multi-part series. How could we possibly narrow it down to five??)

Patio #1: Merchants of Beer

Neighborhood: Old City A couple years back, we heard Merchants of Beer (otherwise known as “MoB”) was going to renovate their parking lot into a back patio. We were distressed. We love an easy parking situation. WE WERE WRONG. This patio is 100% worth giving up parking (and yes, there is literally a parking lot across the street. We never claimed to be fitness buffs😂) From a permanent food truck to ping pong and other yard games to an ACTUAL BUBBLE MACHINE, this patio easily makes the “best patios in Knoxville” list for plenty of locals. Check, check, check.

Photo from Schulz Brau Brewery instagramPatio #2: Schulz Brau

Neighborhood: North Knox Schulz Brau is hands down the top biergarten in East Tennessee. The German decor gives us Oktoberfest vibes all year long. Just listen to this line-up: fire pits, big screen TVs, a stage for live music (or stein-holding contests if you come at the right time), and an outdoor bar so you literally never have to step foot inside. This German dream is a no-brainer.

Photo from Public House hands down one of the best patios in Knoxville

Patio #3: Public House

Neighborhood: Old City-ish Tucked off the beaten path and just north of the Old City, Public House feels more like a secret garden than a downtown bar. The ingredients may seem standard – picnic tables, string lights, and vines – but trust us when we say, these things come together to make some patio magic. We recommend this experience with a Bee’s Knees and a good camera because your most-popular-Instagram-post-ever is just itching to be shot in that coveted vine-covered nook.

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