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Meet Caitlyn Tate, one of our absolutely stunnin’ local writers! 


Caitlyn Tate

Caitlyn is an Atlanta transplant whose roots in Rocky Top run so deep, she grew up telling people she was from Knox as a child! You can find her coaching Lagree fitness classes at Core Change, kickboxing at Bullman’s, or taking hot yoga in her “free” time.

Her favorite aspects of Knox are the abundance of coffee shops and lakes, rivers, and quarries that run through the city. If you ever need a coffee drink recommendation or want to try a new workout class, she’s your go-to gal!


Written by Caitlyn

Guide to Knoxville Quarries

Two Quarries? No Worries! One of my (Caitlyn’s) favorite things about moving to Knoxville can be summed up in one word: water 🤩 There is so. much....

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KBrew Coffee: A Look Inside

If you moved to Knoxville longer than, say, a day ago - chances are you've heard of K Brew. Known for their hammock chairs and delicious specialty...

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Navitat Canopy Adventures

Navitat is a hidden gem and a super cool adventure course built high in the canopy of the green forest of South Knoxville. It is an entire setup of...

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