Fall Lattes to Try in Knoxville, TN

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Fallin' in a Latte Love

POP QUIZ: What pairs best with your favorite Scruffy City coffee shop? ANSWER: Leaves changing and temperatures dropping.

Thankfully, sipping on cozy seasonal fall coffee creations around town can now be your reality, no matter the flaky temps. (Eek!😍) We all know pumpkin lattes are here to stay (and we are, for the record, all about it), but there’s more to fall than orange gourds. Move over, Starbucks PSL. Here are all kinds of fun new fall sips to try around Knoxville, Tennessee.


Pumpkin Head from Jack’s of Knoxville: We’re talkin’ housemade pumpkin syrup with espresso, milk, and topped with pumpkin pie spice

The Pumpkin Pie Latte from Sunago Coffee: Catch this claaassic in Hardin Valley

Pumpkin Tiramisu Latte from Cultivate: rich, chocolatey, pumpkiny, deliciousy.

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Golden Roast: Nothin’ like a simple pumpkin latte who knows who she is… she’s wearing plaid.

Pumpkin Pie Latte from KBrew: This is a local fave for sure & has sported real pumpkin since day one.

Pumpkin Cream Top from Five & Hoek: Cold Brew & Pumpkin Cream because some of us don’t want to sweat through our sweaters.

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Capybara Coffee: These guys don’t mess around so this is made with real pumpkin AND topped with housemade pumpkin whipped cream.


Spiced Apple Caramel Apple Cappaccinno from Remedy Coffee: Hear them out: “Cinnamon and clove balance the deep sweetness of cooked apple, layered with bright cardamom caramel.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Apple Pie Latte from Sunago Coffee: Just take our money already.

Here’s Johnny from Frothy Monkey: We’re talkin’ cozy AND refreshing, people. warm, ginger and cardamom infused apple cider.

Apple Pickin’ from Jacks of Knoxville: Did you just bite into an apple or a slice of heaven? Turns out neither. It was a blend of apple cider, housemate caramel syrup, sea salt, steamed milk, & apple pie ✨spice✨

Apple Cider Tonic from Five & Hoek: Tonic makes literally everything better and you can quote us on that.

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Sweater Weather from Jack’s of Knoxville: Did someone say housemade brown sugar fig syrup? Uh, yeah, that was Jack.

Seasonal Espresso Tonic from Partial Cafe: TONIC MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER & YOU CAN QUOTE US ON THAT. Also this one has homemade fig, plum & cardamom syrup with coffee from Honeybee soooo…

Spiced Fig Delight from Honeybee: Speaking of Honeybeeeee, enjoy fig & honey syrup with cinnamon, nutmeg, & a hint o’ orange.

Fig & Cardamom Latte from Treetop Coffee Shop: Haven’t you heard? Fig & cardamom are all the rage this year, darling.


Fireside Fog from Jacks of Knoxville: Oh you thought we were done with pumpkin? Think again. We are never done with pumpkin (until December when we switch to peppermint, duh.). This bad boy has ginger twist tea, housemate pumpkin syrup, & steamed milk.

Iced Thai Tea from Remedy Coffee: What did we say about cardamom?? This icy treat sports the ✨icon of the moment✨ cardamom herself, along with cinnamon, clove, numeric, floral black tea, and star anise who clearly wants to be the ✨icon of the moment✨ but again, that’s cardamom.

Maple Chai Latte from Cultivate: Nothing exudes fall like chai. Add maple & our sugar-addicted-selves are officially obesseed.

Hot Honey Chai from Golden Roast Coffee: Remember what we said about maple in our chai? Well, we don’t want to be the girls who cried werewolf but HOT HONEY SOUNDS SO GOOD, RIGHT?

Ginger Tea Tonic from Treetop Coffee Shop: Would you like to be ✨refreshed✨ while dreaming of Thanksgiving dinner? Catch that house spiced cranberry syrup, black tea, cold ginger beer, topped with a slice of orange.

MIX IT UP - Rapid Fire Style

Honey Nut from Jack’s of Knoxville: housemade pistachio orange syrup, honey, espresso,YUM.

Old Gray Sesame Latte from Remedy Coffee: Toasty black sesame, fresh ginger, brown sugar – WHAT, YUM.

The Campfire from Sunago Coffee: Chocolate & toasted marshmallow, CLASSIC.

Horchata from Cultivate: Cinnamon rice with vanilla drink (we highly recommend making it diiiirty by adding espresso because coffee…)

Fall Drink Flight from Awaken Coffee:  Downtown Spice Latte, The Great Pumpkin Latte, Iced Chumpkin Chai, Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew… Y’ALL, WE LOVE A FLIGHT.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S from Five & Hoek: Banana, spices, espresso,oat milk, AND Gwen Stefani’s classic hit stuck in your head for the rest of the day, all for one low price. You’re welcome.

Campfire Cap from Five & Hoek: Chocolate, graham cracker milk, mallow, espresso – CLASSIC.

The Hound Dog from Frothy Monkey: Hope you like bananas because they’re BACK in the form of a peanut butter, banana, and honey latte inspired by the king himself, Elvis Presley.

Like Butta from Frothy Monkey: It’s the Werther’s candy your grandma pulled from their purse, but in latte form & with less questionable dust! This latte has notes of pecan, butter toffee, and vanillaaaa.


Y’all knoooow there is more where that came from! (For real – we listed all of Knoxville’s local coffee shops here & it is a hair mind-boggling in the absolute best way.) So who is pouring YOUR favorite fall latte this year?? Let us know so we can fuel our coffee addiction – er, love for cozy beverages 😉

For as our friends at Remedy so eloquently asked, “What is Autumn but a vehicle for spices, really?” (Remedy Coffee is also right by a cemetery so they basically won the fall drink category for spooky vibes alone… but we digress.)

See you around Knoxville, dears!

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