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5 Flights to Try in Knoxville

From coffee flights to beer flights to flights to exciting places, Knoxville is full of flights and we are fans of all of ’em. But as much as we love all those flights to vacations – it’s considerably cheaper (and much easier) to do the beverage kind on a whim. If you’re not familiar with flights, let me fill you in: a flight is a sampling of (typically) four beverages. It’s a simple enough concept, but flights save the day for those of us who struggle to make choices 😂 Without further ado, here are a few unique flights to try in Knoxville, TN!


SOUTH KNOX Believe it or not, “Does anyone in Knoxville do coffee flights?” is a question we get a lot over on the ‘gram. Up until recently, we were less than helpful – but all that changed when CommonPlace Coffee entered the scene. These guys are always happy to whip up a series of 4 oz latte samplings for you to taste to your heart’s content. The real magic, however, comes during the holidays. These guys will offer four 4oz pours including a hot drink, iced drink, even a frozen drink all perfectly themed to the upcoming celebrations. Our favorite from the Easter flight was a honey latte with lavender cold foam called “Don’t Worry Bee Hoppy.” 🐰


NORTH KNOX: If you’re still looking for a beer you actually like, ciders may be a good stepping stone! It’s generally a bit sweeter, gluten-free, and you can find fruity and floral flavors to your heart’s content. Does this basically make cider a salad? YES. And the Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus has an almost overwhelming amount of salad cider options. Thankfully (and very convenient for this particular article)… they also offer cider flights! Due to the aforementioned crippling amount of options, my favorite way to order a flight is to choose one that looks interesting and then let the bartender pick the rest.


HAPPY HOLLER While almost every local brewery around town will give you a flight, the Oak Room by Abridged takes it to the next level. Abridged Beer Co. pumps out delicious beers (along with one of the best burgers in town) out in West Hills, but their project in the Happy Holler neighborhood focuses primarily on barrel-aged sours with nuance and depth.  If you want the full experience, you must try the “Oak Room Forty.” This flight boasts an entire spectrum of flavors – allowing you to try a five ounce pour of all eight barrel-aged sours on draft on any given day. Pucker up, pals.


DOWNTOWN: Did you know Knoxville has a winery right downtown? No, there’s not a whole vineyard to stroll through off Gay St. 😂 (Though if that can be worked into the city’s plans, we’re here for it.) The Historic Southern Railway Station, however, is home to a venue, a restaurant, and Blue Slip Winery! Just meander down to the lower level of the building to enjoy a wine flight made from local growers before heading out on your Old City excursions. These tastings are just $6 and include five 1oz pours of whatever wine your heart desires.

Image from Kefi Knox

Image from @kefiknox


DOWNTOWN Speaking of the Old City, she’s also home to our final unique flight! We love Kefi for her flaming cheese and garides (trust us on that one) but they also concoct daily draft cocktails. These cocktails on draft are the very reason we’re able to enjoy cocktail flights at Kefi! They whip up four mini versions of whatever cocktails you want (we recommend the Fig Smash and Painkiller) complete with garnishes and everything. Never make a decision again! 😂

Speaking of cocktail flights… if you want personalized off-menu cocktail flights from spots besides Kefi, there’s only one way to do it. No, you don’t need to be a VIP Enneagram 8 millionaire. Yes, you dooo need to join a New2Knox Hop! In the “Cocktail Hop” specifically, you’re treated to five weeks of cocktail flights from around town as you make new friends and explore your city. Sign up for the email list here to make sure you get notified about future adventures!

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