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5 Fave Parks in Knoxville, TN

Are we generally outdoor-adventure girlies? Ummmm that’s a no from us, dog. But are we definitely outdoor porch, patio, and park girlies? That’s three yeses; you’re going to Hollywoooood!! We are all about a mental-health walk, a picnic lunch, and an aesthetic spot to read a book under a tree. Thankfully, Knoxville’s love for the outdoors doesn’t end with hikes and biking trails – she is brimming with parks as well 😍 So without further ado (and in no particular order because we’re actually truly horrendous at picking favorites), here are our top five parks in Knoxville, Tennessee!

1.) Island Home Park

Ahh, Island Home Park (*pause for inner montage of pleasant afternoons spent here*). This lil park to the south isn’t particularly curated, but it still easily makes our top five. For one, it’s right by the river which is just peaceful by default. Second, you can peek at Downtown Knoxville in the distance which makes us happy. Third, it’s very close to the baby Island Home airport which means LITTLE PLANES FLY RIGHT OVER YOUR HEADS SOMETIMES AND IT’S SO COOL. We suggest a reading a book under a tree here.

2.) Lakeshore Park

Oh, you prefer curated? Look no further than the deliiiiicious Lakeshore Park. First, I have it on good authority from experts in the field that their playground is one of the best. (Said experts are fun-loving children, obviously.) Second, their 2-ish mile loop is great for runners, dog-walkers, and mental-health strollers alike. Third, you have mountain views and river views and fields for all sorts of sports & games. Fourth, there is a precious lil spot at the top overlooking the park with tables and string lights. Fun Fact: I am writing this article from that very overlook at this exact moment and trust me when I say, it is exceedingly pleasant. Come here for all of the above: walks, picnic lunches, books under trees, and pulling out the ole frisbee and pretending you’re in college again.

3.) Suttree Landing Park

Back in South Knoxville, Suttree Landing Park is another winner in our book. She is like a 90s model – tall, skinny, and making it in the big city. What this park lacks in size, she makes up for in a beautiful view of Downtown Knoxville across the river, a Smoky Mountain themed playground, and a perfect vibe for roller skating with your pals. I don’t know, y’all, it’s just nice and feels like a park we would hunt down while on vacation in a big city for ✨the shot✨ (ie. a selfie with the skyline to plant squarely on our IG feeds). We suggest Suttree Landing Park for a yoga sesh, a picnic lunch, or, obviously, an aesthetic Instagram Story.

4.) Victor Ashe Park

If you’re feelin’ bored on a sunny day, just get your ashe over to Victor Ashe Park because this is just a great place to plaaaaay! There are wide open spaces if you want to choose-your-own-adventure (picnicking is ALWAYS an excellent option) – but there’s also a playground, soccer fields, a disc golf course, a loop you can walk/run, a dog park, trails, water access, and sand volleyball courts. The options are limitless.

5.) World’s Fair Park

Dare I say it? There is nothing more pleasant than laying out a blanket and reading a book in World’s Fair Park with the scruffily iconic Sunsphere in the background. NOTHING. The lawns are equally good for games of catch as they are music festivals. There’s a playground and a mural and a splash pad and a stage. Bonus Points: You’re right in the heart of downtown Knoxville which is particularly wonderful if halfway through your time, you remember you’re really not outdoorsy at all and are in fact in need of a mojito on a patio. Losing Points: You’re not allowed to swim in the little pond area. We are tempted Every. Single. Time.

Oooobviously there are plenty more where this came from! Caswell Park, the Cove at Concord Park, and Sequoyah Hills Park are just a handful of other favorites. Ijams Nature Center is the queen of all things outdoors in our Scruffy City. Or head northwest to Norris Dam or east to Seven Islands State Birding Park! You get the point. See you outside 😂


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