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What to Do for the 4th of July in Knoxville

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I now have multiple friends who think of me when they eat hot dogs. Y’all, I can’t stress this enough: I. Love. Hot. Dogs. And there’s not a holiday out there that celebrates the hot dog like the 4th of July. If you’re new to Knoxville or just looking for some fun ways to spend the holiday, here are a few fun ways to spend the Fourth of July in Knoxville, Tennessee! (And yes, some even include hot dogs, y’all. *drool*)


If you’re new to the city and still on the hunt for a boat friend (because c’mon, everyone needs a boat friend), the Star of Knoxville has you covered. This riverboat is not only painted thematically, they serve up a meal, provide entertainment, and (most importantly) give you a rad view of the Scruffy City a la the Tennessee River. The boat will be back at the dock by 9pm BUT you can stay onboard to watch the fireworks show from the deck! Click here to snag tickets.


Another unique way to see the fireworks is by hikin’ up to the top of the world. And by “hiking” we mean taking an elevator and by “top of the world” we mean any of downtown Knoxville’s rooftop bars. Is the Five Thirty Lounge also serving up a flight of mini hot dogs? Yes, yes they are. (You have my heart, Five Thirty Lounge *wipes tear*)

Fourth of July in Knoxville


This is the first year we’ve heard about this. Our jaws are still on the floor so we figured it’d be easiest to write it down 😉
THIS YEAR, YOU CAN WATCH FIREWORKS FROM INSIDE THE SUNSPHERE. Yes, you read that right. AND you get to pick the floor that sounds best to you. The top floor ( 8th) will have drinks, appetizers, an ice cream bar, and a DJ. On the 6th floor, there will be live music, drinks, a slider and hot dog bar (!!!!!!) and another ice cream bar. The best part (besides, potentially, AC) is that the fireworks show will basically be right next to your face. Snag your tickets here!


World’s Fair Park, that is. This is the main event, folks! If you’re lookin’ for a good ole fashioned (and free!) fireworks show and 4th of July festival in Knoxville, you need to get your cutie booty down to World’s Fair Park! There will be vendors, activities, and live music all evening. As the sun goes down, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra will take the stage – paving the way for an amazing fireworks show at 9:35pm. Find details here!

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