HOT DIGGITY DOG: 5 Spots for the Best Hot Dogs in Knoxville

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Emilie Stooksbury

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Where to Find the Winning Weiners

It may be odd to kick off a list of the best hot dogs in Knoxville by talking about therapy, but here we are. See, we’re normally big fans of therapy – talking through feelings and working through hard things is very ✨cool✨ but when I was told as a third grader in Midland, Michigan how hot dogs were made… I stuffed that information down deep inside & repressed, repressed, repressed. I love a good hot dog. No need to bring up old conversations. No questions asked.

In fact, when we heard Knox Brew Hub was changing food concepts from hot dogs to red beans & rice, the only question we asked was, “Where can we find more hot dogs in Knoxville?” And y’all helped👏us👏out👏 Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of the best hot dogs in Knoxville, according to you cute Knoxvillians yourselves.

1.) Suttrees High Gravity Tavern

DOWNTOWN: If you ask locals about the food at Suttrees, they are for sure going to talk about Suttrees’ ramen. BUT no one should be sleeping on the hot dogs! Suttrees’ was actually the first spot I had a hot dog in Knoxville. (Is it weird to remember your first hot dog in a city? Can we just move on & pretend I didn’t admit that? Cool cool cool.) Anyway, they’re good. You should try them.

2.) Red Panda Grocery

OLD CITY: We knew we were going to appreciate a lil grocery store opening up downtown. What we were not expecting was how much we would love the fresh food from their deli. Red Panda’s food is SO GOOD, Y’ALL. Head straight to the back and order at the counter. They make it fresh, and then everything is conveniently wrapped up in paper & a paper plate so you can take it to-go and picnic anywhere in the city. Y’all specifically said to try out their Chicago-style dog and you were right. It was delish.

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3.) D & B's Hot Dogs and Ice Cream

WEST KNOX: More than one of y’all raaaved about D&B’s Hot Dogs & Ice Cream, and we had quite literally never heard of them 😂 So we hopped in the car & made the trek to try it for ourselves! This is a no frills spot, just out here servin’ up a whole menu of hot dogs and array of ice creams. Is there anything more “southern summer” than that? We got the classic “D&B Dog” and it was 10/10, folks.

4.) Curious Dog

OLD CITY: In case the adorable yellow sign wasn’t clear enough, these guys are all about their hot dogs. We hadn’t been to Curious Dog in a hot [dog] minute, but y’all showed UP for them! They had the most votes by a mile and we wiiiiiill be making a return trip soon, don’t you worry 😂

5.) Public House

DOWNTOWN NORTH: Public House is a bar just north of the Old City known for their delicious cocktails & delightful patio. You know what else they’re known for? Good job usin’ those context clues, babe! THEIR DOOOOGS 🙌 We suggest getting creative and ordering the G.O.A.T, a Cuban, or the Korean Slaw – but live your dreams, pal. What’s dreamier than a hot dog & a cocktail on one of the cutest patios in town?

That's a Wrap!

No, that’s not a wrap – it’s a hot dog! (But is a hot dog a sandwich?? That’s enough hard questions for today.) What you don’t need to question anymore is where to find the best hot dogs in Knoxville. Before we go, HERE ARE A FEW MORE Y’ALL MENTIONED: Double Dogs, Dave’s Doghouse, Vol Market, & The Corner Lounge. Let us know where YOUR favorite spot for hot dogs is in the Scruffy City by shooting us a DM! See you theeere 😘

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