5 Spots for Igloos in Knoxville, TN

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Do remember a time not too long ago when the end of patio season meant we had to do the unimaaaginable? (Secretly hoping you just heard that last word in Angelica Hamilton’s voice…) Yes, the end of patio seasons meant we had to eat and drink inside four walls. Ugh. It was a devastating turn of events each and every year. Now, however, these magical things called igloos pop up around patios all around Knoxville, and they let us be cozy, Christmasy, warm (and a little bougie) at our favorite bars and eateries all season long. Without further adoooo, we are here to give youuuu a cluuuue about igloooos in Knoxville, TN!

1.) Five Thirty Lounge

We’re starting out at the very top, my friends – literally. Five Thirty Lounge is the rooftop bar above the Hyatt Downtown. We love this bar in every single season. but the igloos are definitely the reason for this particular (chilly) season. Five Thirty pulls out all the stops to make it a memorable experience with pillows and throw blankets, a little fireplace, even some Christmas decor placed inside your lil dome oasis. People often gape at $200 spending minimum, but there’s a way to crack the system.

PRO-TIP: The igloos seat up to 8 people. Grab your 8 closest buddies (if you need some, just join a New2Knox Hop and we’ll help you find ’em 😉) and each of you will only have to spend ~$25. That’s a drink & a snack. Or you know what, just go on a total splurge date night because it’s Christmas and it’s magical and you’re a GROWN UP. Either way, you’ll want to make a reservation in advance. (PS. Check out other rooftop bars around Knoxville right here!)

2.) Schulz Brau Brewing Co

Schulz Brau in North Knox is a local holiday favorite for about a million reasons but three of those reasons are definitely the igloos. (Another reason is their Christkindlsmarkt German Christmas Market which we will literally never shut up about because it is the most precious.)

For you planners, these igloos can be reserved on weekends. For the rest of us, they’re first come, first serve Tues-Thurs, so grab your dunkel and start eyein’ those bad boys. When one opens up, RUN, DON’T WALK, DON’T STOP & GET $200, JUST MAKE YOUR MOVE. Sorry for yelling – we just don’t want you to miss your opportunity. There are no additional fees – just cozy igloos for you and your pals amongst Christmas cheer & delicious beer.

(They also have some lovely fireplaces while you wait for you beer. Check out our other fave patios for fireside hangs here.)

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3.) Balter Beerworks

Balter Beerworks has brought back their igloos yet again this year! Balter Beerworks is on the edge of downtown and while their beer is delish, the fooood is what we keep coming back for. These igloos are also first come, first serve with no extra fees or requirements. We, however, do have a requirement – you absolutely must try the hot chicken salad. It is delicious. That is all.

4.) Pointb

Point B opened up last year and has become quite a favorite out in West Knoxville! They’ve got regular igloos but they’re also got some smaller ones (they’re calling them “domes”) which are an absolutely adorable way to enjoy sips & snacks on the patio while staying cozy and warm. You can reserve them or cross your fingers and hope one is available when you come – either way, there are no extra fees or requirements!

5.) Southside Garage

Southside Garage in South Knoxville is already on the nice list for having indoor/outdoor seating all year long (MOSTLY because that means your pups don’t have to wait until patio season to join in the fun. Helloooo dog friendly 😂🙌). But they went above and beyond this year & added igloos as well. These babies are first come, first serve so snag your sips & snacks quick & then get cozy!

That about covers it, friends! (Just like youuuu will be covered with these igloos… okay, even we can admit that was a stretch 😂) Anyway, if you find out about other spots with igloos around town definitely shoot us a DM on Instagram and tell us alllll about it. We hope you have a cozy, bougie, most wonderful time of the year.

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