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6 Coziest Coffee Shop Corners

6 Coziest Coffee Shop Corners

When we moved to the Scruffy City, we immediately went on the hunt for the best coffee shops in Knoxville. However, when rain (and temps) started dropping down, we got more specific: coziest coffee shops in Knoxville. (Oh, and pumpkin spiced lattes. Also fleece lined leggings… and cider… and a cute beanie, of course.) Okay, so we went on the hunt for a handful of things, but *one* of those things was most definitely the coziest coffee shop corners. Well, we’re  here to shorten the hunt for anyone wired like we are😂 Without further ado, we present: the very best coffee shops in Knoxville for cozy, rainy days.


East Knoxville

Likewise Coffee is chock full of cozy nooks. Heck, it’s in a gorgeously renovated old house so the whole thing is basically a cozy nook. If you walk in and land the green armchair corner or the big leather chairs in front of the fireplace, just trust us – you’ve won the freakin’ lottery. 10/10 recommend this place for all cozy days.

Green Velvet Chairs at Golden Roast Coffee in Knoxville


West Knoxville

Golden Roast Coffee Roasters on Sutherland Ave (otherwise known as the Marble City neighborhood) is located in a renovated old church (okay, maybe we just like old renovated buildings…😂) and we are here for those vibes. Between sinking into the velvet green armchairs or snuggling into the big leather couch, this is clearly the place to ready any storm.


Old City

Vienna Coffee Roasters is generally bright, open, and airy – but tucked in the corner is a fireplace. When the weather gets cool enough, they fire that baby up which means you can cozy up with a book (located, you guessed it, by the fireplace!) in one of the surrounding chairs or go full-homey and sit right on the warm hearth.


West Knoxville

Located just down the street from Golden Roast, Backroads Market is another cozy gem in Marble City. Their space doubles as a perfectly curated home goods store so you know they have the good furniture. Between all the comfy couches, cozy corners, and inspirational wall decor, it’s almost startling how easy it is to spend an entire day hiding out there.