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6 Coziest Coffee Shop Corners

6 Coziest Coffee Shop Corners

[UPDATED FOR 2023] When we moved to the Scruffy City, we immediately went on the hunt for the best coffee shops in Knoxville. However, when rain (and temps) started dropping down, we got more specific: coziest coffee shops in Knoxville. (Oh, and pumpkin spiced lattes. Also fleece lined leggings… and cider… and a cute beanie, of course.) Okay, so we went on the hunt for a handful of things, but *one* of those things was most definitely the coziest coffee shop corners. Well, we’re  here to shorten the hunt for anyone wired like we are😂 Without further ado, we present: the very best coffee shops in Knoxville for cozy, rainy days.


East Knoxville

Likewise Coffee is chock full of cozy nooks. Heck, it’s in a gorgeously renovated old house so the whole thing is basically a cozy nook. If you walk in and land the green armchair corner or the big leather chairs in front of the fireplace, just trust us – you’ve won the freakin’ lottery. 10/10 recommend this place for all cozy days.


North Knoxville

Fable Hollow may technically be located in the Fountain City neighborhood, but it sure feels like you’re in an enchanted literary forest. Not only can you cuddle up with a coffee and a book, you can do so surrounded by other books while sinking into a brown leather couch in front of a magically cozy mantle. NEED WE SAY MORE? Well, speaking of more, there are also plenty of other nooks & corners around the store with whimsical touches for peak cozy coffee vibes.


West Knoxville

Located just off Sutherland Ave, Backroads Market is a cozy gem in the Marble City neighborhood. Their space doubles as a perfectly curated home goods store so you know they have the good furniture. Between all the comfy couches, cozy corners, and inspirational wall decor, it’s almost startling how easy it is to spend an entire day hiding out there.



This one is a bit of a drive but it had to make the list because it was so coooozy, people! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge space. But with couches to curl up in, a quiet loft space, booths for a lil more intimacy, and even a fireplace (a fireplace automatically gets you on our cozy list, no questions asked 😂)… The Bridge just feels like a cozy cabin escape from town, while still only being about 25 minutes away from Downtown Knoxville.



Old City Java may not have cozy couches or a fireplace (Gasp! I know!), but it still makes us feel warm and cozy when we step inside. With wood floors and brick walls and painted ceilings, it’s still easily one of our favorite spots to sit down with a book and pen for a cozy afternoon getting overly caffeinated. To the powers that be… if you were to add a fireplace… we truly may never leave 😂

We hope you have the coooziest time checking out these local coffee shop corners 😌 Need more ideas for a rainy day? DISCOVER RAINY DAY IDEAS HERE.

5 Must-Try Fall Drinks in Knoxville

5 Must-Try Fall Drinks in Knoxville

In our stunning town of Knoxville, Tennessee, we are blessed with our pick of many cozy coffee shops. What pairs best with our favorite Scruffy City shops? Leaves changing and temperatures dropping. ENTER: Sipping on cozy seasonal fall coffee creations around town. (Eek!😍) We all know pumpkin lattes are here to stay (and we are, for the record, all about it), but there’s more to fall than orange gourds. We took a trip around town to find y’all some of the GOODS. Move over, Starbucks PSL. There’s some new fall goodness in town. Without further ado: Here are five of the best fall lattes in Knoxville.

Awaken Coffee: Downtown Spice with Toasted Marshmallows

Old City

We’re starting off strong with Awaken Coffee downtown – specialty lattes are kind of their thing. The Downtown Spice is Awaken’s take of a classic pumpkin spice – but wait! They add a toasted marshmallow syrup🤤 Sipping on this drink makes you want to grab your coziest flannel and stroll down the streets of the Old City, or even kick up your feet inside the shop and stay while. Pro-Tip: Ask for marshmallows on top…. and make it toasted!

Vienna Coffee Fall Latte

Vienna Coffee Roasters: Cinnamon Roll Latte

Old City

Cinnamon, marshmallow and white mocha syrup swirled in with espresso and steamed milk. Now you can have your cinnamon roll AND coffee, and drink it too. Tastes like a Sunday morning if ya ask us. Pro-Tip: This one is even more delicious iced – looking at you year-round iced coffee drinkers!

Likewise Coffee in East Knoxville Fall Seasonal Latte

Likewise: Spiced Apple Latte

East Knoxville

This latte tastes like fall with its subtle hints of apple and made with creamy oatmilk. Add in the fact that you can sip it inside the endlessly adorable Likewise Coffee? It doesn’t get better. Pro-Tip: Ask for it to be made with caramel, which basically makes it a caramel apple latte. Honestly, what more could you even ask for?😍

Pecan Pie Latte at Treetop Coffee Shop in West Knoxville

Treetop Coffee Shop: Pecan Pie Latte

West Knoxville

Who says you have to wait until Thanksgiving to satisfy your pecan pie craving? The Pecan Pie Latte is subtly sweet and not-so-basic. But who’s surprised? Treetop always crushes it with their out-of-the-box house-made syrups 🙌

S'mores Mocha from KBrew in Knoxville Tennessee

K Brew: S’mores Mocha

North Knoxville | West Hills | Downtown

Marshmallow syrup, mocha, topped with whipped cream, a baked meringue, and chocolate shavings. Close your eyes and you may forget you’re at K Brew and not actually at a bonfire, especially when the merengue melts into a marshmallowy goodness. 


It’s not technically coffee but the K Brew Harvest Apple Cider is YUM. I mean, look:

Golden Roast Coffee Roasters: A Look Inside

Irregular pink marble floors, original exposed beams, the vestiges of the old church kitchen—these are just some of the charming architectural features welcoming customers at The Golden Roast Marble City. This newest space, counterpart to the fast-and-furious” location on Melrose established in 1994, opened in January of 2020. What is evident in speaking with Don Payne, owner of this Knoxville franchise, is not only his commitment to the best coffee, what he calls farm to cup,” but also his support for community—“locals supporting locals.”

If the brief mention of 2020 just made your skin crawl, here’s a cozy memory to offset: Don had his first cup of coffee at six years old, and he remembers it vividly, sipping it with cream and sugar. One of my oldest brothers gave it to me, and I thought it was the best thing ever.”

While coffee began as Dons hobby, it transformed into a passion for its chemistry—Don says his heart is in the roasting process, and shortly after the original Golden Roast opened, they began roasting their own beans on a Royal No. 4 machine from 1914, displayed at the front of the shop. Nostalgia is everywhere, and Don pays tribute to history: local, national, and global.

The original Royal No. 4 machine from 1914 at Golden Roast Coffee

The original Royal No. 4 machine from 1914

I get to read about the families, the farm, how much theyre producing, what went on this past year for their family and how their farms got affected,” Don says, and he is incredibly thoughtful about the geographical journey the beans take to get into your morning latte. Seeing Dons excitement about a cross-country motorcycle ride hes planning for the summer highlights just how much he cares about people and places.

Barista hard at work at Golden Roast Coffee Roasters Marble City

Even before opening the Marble City coffee shop, Don and his team participated in the Knoxville Open Streets event where they handed out free coffee and engaged with the neighborhood to get a sense of their needs. And when asked about what he wanted the Sutherland site to be he admitted at the time, I cant answer that. Its all going to be dependent on the people here in the community and the customers, and from there, its going to get its DNA.”

What was once Marble City Methodists congregation hall is now a space lined with exposed brick, indie music, live edge tables, and textured couches. Throughout the shop, youll find wares from local artisans such as Knox Girl Soap, Knox Paper Scissors, Janine Does Pottery, and Cass Collective, so you can shop Knoxville businesses as you enjoy Dons favorite coffee, the Nitro, made of Mexican Chiapas beans.

Outside, is an impressive wooden deck with string lights, and Don plans on live music, patio poetry, and food trucks on the weekends throughout the summer. The general manager, Taylor (we absolutely adore her and she may or may not be a writer for New2Knox as well – okay, she is. Check out one of her pieces here.), is responsible for seasonal drinks and a unique signature menu. Right now, they are featuring the Banana Nut Latte, Tea-Painkiller, Kookaberry, and the Coconut Chai Latte. *drool*

Sunshine hits the patio of Golden Roast Coffee Roasters in Knoxville Tennessee

After the unprecedented year we have had, Don invites us all to Golden Roast Coffee to relax, to stay awhile, to come in and just breathe.” With the local love, vibrant patio, and caffeine for days, we plan to do just that.
See you at Golden Roast, Knoxville!

Likewise Coffee: A Look Inside

Likewise Coffee: A Look Inside

The doors are open to a special new coffeeshop on Magnolia Ave: Likewise Coffee. Only a mile or so from the downtown area, the owners Katie and Will Boggs hope to make this charming new spot a hub for community in East Knoxville. With an incredible mission, unique space, and coffee roasted on-site, Likewise Coffee has quickly become a new favorite spot for our caffeination (because let’s be real – we’re caffeinated more often than not), not to mention, some of the best coffee in Knoxville.


While good vibes and delicious brews are more than enough to keep us coming back, Likewise goes above and beyond. Are you wondering where the name “Likewise” comes from? Maybe it sounds familiar – it’s from the Bible story about the Good Samaritan. In the story, Jesus shares how love looks like selflessly connecting with and helping neighbors in need. ¨Go and do likewise” is the message to His followers. So true to their name, all (yes, all) of Likewise Coffee’s profits will go towards the non-profit “Raising a Voice.” Started in 2015 by the Boggs themselves, Raising a Voice works towards ending human trafficking in our area and around the globe by offering various forms of support and advocacy. So as you purchase your yummy vanilla latte or a warm herbal tea, you will also be supporting Raising a Voice´s amazing mission! (Does this make you a local hero? We think yes.)


Barista works at the register of Likewise Coffee in Knoxville Tennessee


If your heart’s not already full of warm fuzzies, wait until you hear about their location. Likewise is located on Magnolia Ave about a mile east of downtown in a large renovated historic home that is over 100 years old. (In its long history, the house has been things like a restaurant and law office – to transform it into its current state, Katie and Will received the Facade Grant from the city of Knoxville.) As you walk in, you’ll find the original stained glass double doors of the old home as well as beautiful original hardwood floors. The space has numerous rooms and nooks (our dream) where you can settle in with big beautiful windows and plenty of natural light. There is modern and cozy furniture throughout, a fireplace, and an inspiring mural of community in Knoxville from a local artist, Pam Simpson.

Outside you will find what we think is one of the best outdoor hangout spots in Knoxville! There are picnic tables, another colorful mural by local artist Michelle Cosse, and a large space which can host food trucks and events in the future.

Backyard of Likewise Coffee in Knoxville, TENN


The coffee is roasted on site in one of the many rooms. (How cool is that?? Fingers crossed they give tours of how coffee roasting works one day!) They are offering a traditional coffee and tea menu along with seasonal drinks and pastries, including scrumptious breakfast biscuits. (We die for their breakfast sandwich on a biscuit.)

So, there you have it, Knoxville friends! Yummy seasonal lattes and breakfast sandwiches are waiting for you right down the street, along with a charming space where you can catch up with a friend or get some work done, all while basically changing the world. We plan on cozying up there a bunch this season and we highly recommend you go and do… Likewise 😉