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5 Spots for Fall Leaves in Knoxville!

5 Spots for Fall Leaves in Knoxville!

Fall has finally hit Knoxville, Tennessee. Is she consistently a month late? Yes. Is she always gone too soon? Also yes. Because of this, we wanted to waste no time sharing our favorite local spots so you can go find them and throw colorful foliage in the air and spin around like the inner woodland fairy you truly are. (For the record, everywhere is gorgeous at the moment. Just driving to the grocery store evokes gasps of delights and choruses of “wows” even Owen Wilson would be proud of.) With all that being said, here are a few of our favorite spots for finding fall leaves in Knoxville, TN!


It really doesn’t get better than South Knoxville when it comes to all things outdoor adventuring. It’s no surprise she’s totally stacked with gorgeous fall views. From winding through backroads en route to Johnson University to hiking through Ijams Nature Center to snapping a pic at Fort Dickerson Quarry, the south side does not mess around.


2.) Foothills Parkway

A little further south lies the Foothills Parkway. As someone who stresses out about the commitment of Great Smoky Mountain and Cade’s Cove traffic during peak seasons (still traumatized by a multiple hour traffic jam while driving the loop after Christmas one year 😩), Foothills Parkway gives you the oh-so-sweet relief of being able to make a good old fashioned U-Turn any time you want while still getting views on views on views. Added bonus? It’s an excuse to explore the cutie city of Maryville before heading home!

Sequoyah Hills in the Fall

Just one of the many streets to wander in Sequoyah Hills

3.) Sequoyah Hills

An apartment in Sequoyah Hills was the original birthplace of New2Knox so we may be a tad biased, but this neighborhood just does seasons right. A stroll through Cherokee Blvd. offers plenty of eye candy ranging from fall foliage to river views to cozy bungalows and impressive mansions. Pro-Tip: Pop by neighborhood faves Treetop Coffee Shop for a latte and Plaid Apron for a biscuit before heading down to the riverside park. Talk about oozing cool Enneagram 4 vibes.

4.) Downtown

Y’all, Downtown Knoxville is a fall DREAM. The best spots for leaf peepin’ and pretending you’re in the opening scene of a Hallmark movie (don’t come for us – the plot always starts right before Thanksgiving😂) are Main St., Clinch Ave., and Depot Ave. When the downtown trollies roll through the street with foliage flanking on each side – pause while we compose ourselves. It’s just too beautiful *sob* We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

5.) Sharp’s Ridge

Alright now, pals, here’s the deal. The overlook at Sharp’s Ridge is such a gorgeous view of Knoxville. You can get a little hike in or drive right up to it. However, fun lil fact for ya: we’ve been noticing some real creepy activity the last few times we’ve been up there. So in full mom mode, we shamelessly declare, “Bring a buddy, please!”
So grab your buddy, grab your K Brew pumpkin latte, grab your camera, and grab your tissues because these views of Knoxville tucked between trees and mountains will inevitably make you tear up because you decided to live in the cutest lil city in the goshdarn planet. Good choice, pal 🥲

Image of Sharps Ridge by Stefan S Punkt

Image of Sharp’s Ridge by @stefan.s.punkt