5 Reasons KUB is Actually Great

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Knoxville Utilities Board Ain't Boring

If you’re brand spankin’ new to Knoxville, you’re probably not yet familiar with a whole lot of Knoxville organizations. On the other hand, you haaaave probably already gotten to know KUB – that is, if you’re one of those folks who likes to have your lights on 😉 We sat down with some folks who work there & were legit surprised to learn a lot of this stuff SO we figured we’d share the wealth of knowledge! Here are 5 reasons why KUB is actually a pretty cool organization here in Knoxville. She may be the Knoxville Utilities BOARD but that doesn’t mean she’s BORING – get it? Get it? Okay, moving onnn.

1.) She's a Legit Non-Profit

Ummm… this blew us away. We had no idea. Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) is a non-profit. This means all the money they make gets put right back into the greater Knoxville community. Does this mean you’re basically donating to charity every time you pay your electric bill? IT SURE DOES. (We’re also the kind of folks who consider wine fruit salad so maybe just take that with a grain of salt…)

2.) She's Bringin' Fiber Right to Us

Fiber Internet has felt like a just-out-of-reach-magical-future for awhile now. In fact, we heard Chattanooga had fiber and instantly felt like a jealous older sister. Like, ahem, I’m sorryyyy, what did Chattanooga do to deserve this? (For the record, we’re not proud of this, friends 😂)

All that being said, KUB is actively, currently bringing gig-internet to every. single. home. in their electric service area of Knoxville for just $65. You can see when it will be available to you (or if it already is!) by clicking right here.

KUB Fiber is Here!

Have you heard? KUB Fiber has landed in Knoxville! Serving both businesses and residential so you can enjoy the fastest WiFi from your favorite coffee shop or the comfort of your home! Click below to see if it is available at your address yet! 

Celebrate Women With the Jr. League of Knoxville!

2024-2025 applications are now open! Click to learn more about this incredible community of local leaders, mothers, professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who have been serving our city since 1921!

3.) She's All Local, Babyyy!

For real, KUB has been serving Knoxville for over 80 years. That’s pre-Sunsphere, people! That’s farmland Farragut, folks! That’s Market Square is cool to Market Square is sketchy to Market Square is cool again! All that to say, they understand the area and the nuances of East Tennessee. They also hire locally (aaand have their main offices right around the corner from our cute lil New2Knox office in Downtown Knoxville). Some of them even have really endearing southern accents. What else could you want from the person installing your fiber or electricity or answering your customer service call or etc.?

4.) She Likes You

Here’s what we mean by that 😂 They’re not raising prices. Fiber is $65 a month and it will continue to be $65 a month. Period. For at least the next, like, ten years or something wild like that. Hellooooo, easy budgeting!

5.) We Like Her

Y’all, when we met with KUB about potentially partnering, we had pretty low expectations. They give us electricity, which is helpful, obviously – but it’s not EXCITING, right? (I feel like someone from the 1700s is calling me a spoiled brat right now 😂 But I digress.) We were so pleasantly surprised to hear about the fact that they’re a non-profit, that they are working day in and day out to get fiber to every inch of Knoxville they service. For real – hear this straight from them: KUB’s fully fiber network will allow them to provide the doctor office on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville the same benefits as the dentist office in downtown Luttrell. Businesses in some areas of our service territory will be able to perform tasks more efficiently than ever before. In some cases, they will be able to perform tasks that were not possible prior. 

For the record, this is not an ad. (The reel on our Instagram feed a few months ago? That was an ad.) But we just legit wanted you to get an idea of how cool KUB actually is. You have to pay your electric bill anyway – why not be a little more excited about it, right? 😂 As people who love every corner of Knoxville for different reasons, we were thrilled that they see Knoxville in the same way. Great internet available to every neighborhood, no questions asked.

If you want to see when KUB Fiber will be comin’ to your neighborhood (or if it’s already there!) just click right here! 

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