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5 Fave Black-Owned Businesses in Knoxville

If you’re anything like me (white… oh so very white), you may have realized you had a lot to learn last summer. You may have also been surprised to learn that COVID was hitting Black-owned businesses (even in Knoxville) disproportionately hard. My favorite part of 2020 life was ordering local takeout or shopping online at local businesses and considering myself a doggone local hero. But as someone who was almost exclusively supporting coffee shops, breweries, and taco joints, it was certainly time to spread my wings and learn about some of the Black-owned businesses in my city.

Turns out, there are freakin’ awesome ones! Here are five of our favorite Black-owned businesses in Knoxville you should absolutely check out this week.

1.) Jackie’s Dream

Jackie’s Dream is in an unassuming building nestled between Central Ave and Broadway in North Knox. If you were simply passing through, you probably wouldn’t be particularly inspired to pull in the parking lot. And, WOW, would you be missing out. It may have been Jackie’s Dream to open a restaurant, but all of our Southern-food-devouring dreams have been coming true since. Widely heralded by locals as the best hot chicken in Knoxville, Jackie’s Dream is an obvious must-visit (like, really obvious. Like, go eat there. Like, now.)

2.) Steamboat on Central

Just up the street and around the corner from Jackie’s Dream is Steamboat on Central. These guys make the hearty and flavorful sandwiches (AND pickle AND banana pepper) that launch all future lunch-breaks to the next level. And while we seriously love these sandwiches, our favorite part about this local gem is actually the sunshiney patio they share with Elst Brewing Company. Beer, sandwich, twinkle lights, yellow patio furniture? Yeah, go ahead and sign us up.

3.) The Fox Den Hair Hangout

A series of unfortunate events may have led Foxy to her current shop, (“My 2020 started in 2019,” she laughed. OW.) but this current shop has turned into the trendiest, coziest little corner Bearden ever did see. The stylish decor may reel you in (and incredible Instagram feed. We’re talking mouthwatering aesthetics, people), but her friendly energy and seemingly effortless cuts (for all types of hair!) will keep you coming back again and again for haircuts and hangouts. Don’t believe us? Back to that Instagram page situation. Follow her now and thank us later 😉

Foxy, the owner of The Fox Den, a Black-owned business in Knoxville

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