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Glitterville: A Look Inside

Stephen Brown is a rather unassuming name for one of the most vibrant human beings on the planet.

Like many other Stephens, this one was born in East Tennessee and went to school at the University of Tennessee. But this is where the similarities end. See, from there, Stephen Brown moved to New York to be a costume designer, became friends with Mariah Carey, did work with Oprah, welcomed home a fluffy white Silkie chicken named Dolly, and so much more.

Literally, so much more.

Because, according to Stephen Brown, “more is more.”

Glitterville Studios in Knoxville, TN

Speaking of more, Stephen also makes things.

But not just “things” – he creates whimsical and spectacular ornaments and decorations that can transform any occasion into a fairytale. These sparkly, wacky, and wonderful creations are part of his world called “Glitterville.”

What does this have to do with you? Well, do you like living in real life fairytales?

Because if you’re a visitor or resident of Knoxville, TN this can be your reality.

sloth ornament

In 2018, Stephen Brown came back to Knoxville to open Glitterville’s very first retail location on the outskirts of downtown. Knoxville now gets to experience the magic and whimsy of Glitterville any ole day we want. We can walk through the store full of larger than life sassy geese, say hey to a sparkly unicorn, and take home a couple llamas balancing on watermelons. Trust us: after experiencing Glitterville, your Christmas, Halloween, and everyday parties will never be the same.

a sassy goose inside Glitterville

So grab a bite at Balter Beerworks and then cross the street to peruse the magic of Glitterville.

Knoxville’s always been scruffy… but we’re not going to lie – she’s also had a bit of a sparkle. Thanks for letting it shine, Stephen✨

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New2Knox Writer

You can learn all about Emilie Stooksbury right here, but here’s one more fun fact about her:

» She loves to write about Knoxville.

» She lives downtown with her husband and our favorite mascot, her cat.

» You can expect her articles to be full of bad puns, emphasizing emojis, and far more exclamation points than is ever appropriate.

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