Local Knoxville Holiday Gift Guide

I am absolutely one thousand percent obsessed with all things Christmas. I dive hook, line, and sinker into all the music, traditions, seasonal cocktails and tacky sweaters of the season. So yes, okay, suuuure, FINE, I’ve been known to go a little overboard on gifts some years. But if you’re wired the same way, we’re here to help you turn “overspending” into “pouring back into your beloved Knoxville community” 😉 It’s all about how you spin it, baby! Without further ado, here is the ULTIMATE LOCAL KNOXVILLE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for all the people in your life!

From @shophoneymouth

Honeymouth Leather Tote – Image from @shophoneymouth


Don’t you dare pick up a five-pack of gold hoops from Target. Put it down. Walk away. Grab a Peppermint Mocha on the way out cuz you earned it and then snag one of these local gems!


Craft Axe Throwing in North Knoxville


As long as you’re absolutely sure the person you’re shopping for truly enjoys hanging out with you… these are sure to ✨delight✨ them!

  • FULLY FUNDED DATE NIGHT #1:  Craft Axe Throwing Gift Card (PRO-TIP: gift cards are 20% off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!) followed by dinner a la an A Dopo Gift Card (some of the best pizza in Knoxville if we do say so ourselves!).
  • FULLY FUNDED DATE NIGHT #2: Elevate this gift by throwing in a pun about going through the highs and lows together. Then they’ll unwrap gift cards to Maple Hall for bowling in a rad basement and Five Thirty Lounge for drinks on a rooftop. BOOM. Brownie points.
  • THAT’S SHOW BIZ, BABY: Snag tickets to a show! Live music, comedy, Broadway – the Scruffy City is your oyster and YOU are their hero.
  • SCRUFFY STAYCATION: RT Lodge and the Little River Tiny House are both in Maryville so it almost feeeels like a getaway (even if it is only 30 minutes from home. Who’s counting?). Or snag a room at the Hyatt Downtown, Embassy Downtown, Graduate Knoxville, or the Tennessean for a fun downtown experience!
  • CHRISTMAS WALK-OFF: We love a Knox Brew Tour, period – but a Walking Tour of Downtown Knoxville’s Breweries?? It’s equally precious and fun and supporting local while quite literally walking off your beers. So yeah, you’re basically a picture of health. Cheers to winning Christmas, pal.


  • They will literally move back if you hand them a hand painted, blown-glass ornament of Santa holding the Tennessee Theatre. Get it here and use the code “New2Knox” for 15% off. (Okay, quick disclaimer that we can’t guarantee they’ll move back, but HERE’S HOPIN’!)
  • Grab a map of Knoxville from Native Maps (or a map of their new home if you can stand it…😢)
  • Pick up a “Smoky Mountain Cabin” candle from 865 Candle Company
  • Grab a T-Shirt celebrating their old neighborhood from Nothing Too Fancy
From KnoxFill

Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit from KnoxFill


  • A Charcuterie Box from Euphoric Cheese Shop
  • The Zero-Waste Kitchen Starter Kit from KnoxFill if they love both slaying in the kitchen and saving the environment.
  • A New Years Eve party feels like the perfect time to try out 2022’s butter board trend. Snag them a whole dang starter board for Christmas right here to make it happen! (If you’re reading this after the preorder date, you should definitely still look at all the fancy butter from Butter from the Block. All your southern cookin’ pals will thank you 😉)
  • You’re probably not surprised to hear you can order to-go tacos online from Tako Taco. What may be a surprise is that you can add in a bottle of their small-batch hot sauce to that order and delight any fire aficionados in your gift-giving sphere.
  • Foodies are often also drinkies (there’s no way that’s the actual term, but you get what we’re sayin’). A glass from Pretentious Glass Co specifically made for beer, wine, or whiskey is certain to impress. If you want to make it ✨interactive✨ (ooOOOooh fun!) grab a gift card to Pretentious Beer to go with it or book them a Make-Your-Own Workshop!


  • PET PARENTS: You absolutely need to get your fave pet parent a collar from K & M collars. They definitely love their pet more than you but one of these collars may just give you a fighting chance 😉
  • PLANT PARENTS: If you’re looking to shop from your couch in your jammies, snag a pot from claymarii (This was an idea sent in from @amia.zoe!). For brick & mortar plant pickins’ head to local fave Oglewood Ave or the newest seedling on the block, Flora & Folia!
  • PIPSQUEAK PARENTS (aka parents of human children): If you’re lookin’ for a snuggly baby blanket, Made by Kelley is your girl (thanks for the tip @annie_belle003!). We also just love a magical wand from Glitterville and cannot imagine a scenario where that wouldn’t be met with shrieks of delight. Besides that, check out this Knoxville puzzle by Paris Woodhull or this adorable & interactive Make Your Own Monster kit from Monsters Made with Love!

Mahalo coffee makes a great christmas gift

FOR THE Teacher/Office Party/General Acquaintance You Don’t Really Know That Well but Still Have to Give Something To:

  • You do not need to know someone very well to know if they have a beard or not. Coulis Beard Co. is here for all your beard buddy needs!
  • Teachers and coworkers across the country need their coffee and you can be the hero that gets it for them. Snag a bag of locally roasted beans from Mahalo, Likewise, or Golden Roast!
  • You know what never goes out of style? Cookies the size of your face. Myrtles Bakehouse inside Marble City Market has you[r face] covered [with their massive cookies].

Christmas in Knoxville

Thanks for shopping small and scruffy this season, friends! We hope this list helps Christmas shopping feel a little less daunting and a little more home-grown. If you end up finding an absolutely obsession-worthy gift from a local maker, you better tag us on the ‘gram so we can see it 🤩

Oooobviously, Christmas is about more than presents (ever use the “my presence is my present” line? 😉), so click here to read about 7 Things to Do in Knoxville at Christmas!



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