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The Perfect Brunch Spot for Your Enneagram Type

We at New2Knox believe it is always a good time to brunch. Similarly, we believe it’s always a good time for self-reflection. Just in time for Galentines Day, we married these two beliefs and figured out the best local places to brunch in Knoxville based on your enneagram type.

(If you’re not into the enneagram, fear not. This article is full of delicious places to grab breakfast, period. Not into breakfast foods? Okay, move along, buddy.) Grab your besties, biscuits, and Bloody Mary’s and get to brunchin’!

The Perfect Brunch Spot for Your Enneagram Type

Ones (The Reformer): Tomato Head

With plenty of healthy options and opportunities to be in charge (you can build your own waffle or omelet) the Tomato Head is a one’s paradise. Bonus: You can see into the kitchen to make sure everything’s up to your standards.

Twos (The Helper): Pete’s Coffee Shop

Pete’s is all about the comfort food. When you twos inevitably feel inclined to take someone out for breakfast and cheer them up – head to Pete’s, order some biscuits and gravy, and work your helping magic. Sitting at the bar and getting to know the employees is another perk for a two’s sweet heart!

Pro-Tip: Not close to downtown? Pete’s, Rami’s Cafe, and Sami’s Cafe are all owned by brothers and have similar hearty breakfasts and homey vibes.

Threes (The Achiever): Babalu

We know you threes dress to impress and if you’re here to impress your friends (or, y’know, IG followers), there’s no better place than Babalu. Every single corner of the space is camera ready and every single item on the menu is tastebud ready. We suggest brunching in a pink power blazer to really set the tone and slay the hollan[day]ise.

French Market brunch in Knoxville

Fours (The Individualist): French Market

The French Market is a perfect brunch spot for you romantics. You’ll feel like you transported to France (where four is the national number, we assume) as you enjoy a dainty crepe. Sit in a windowed corner for extra day-dreaming opportunity and begin penning that great American novel we’ve all been waiting for.

Fives (The Investigator): Wild Love Bakehouse

Wild Love Bakehouse is a great place for fives to brunch. You can easily spy on all the creations being made through the big windows (which should satisfy your Investigator’s curiosity); and the setup is basically an introvert’s dream. (ie. there are no hosts greeting you or waiters checking up on you.) You can be in and out with some delicious, made-from-scratch baked goods in a jiffy!

Sixes (The Loyalist): The Plaid Apron

The Plaid Apron has been pouring the same delicious cinnamon hazelnut coffee for years and years. We get it every time we go. We’re so thankful for their… loyalty. *wink* But seriously, The Plaid Apron serves farm-to-table brunch – delicious, local, and healthy – and the atmosphere fits both a rowdy brunch with friends or a table for two (“two” meaning you and your book, of course) depending on your wing. The Plaid Apron is brunch you can count on.

Simpl on Sevier

Sevens (The Enthusiast): Simpl

Simpl’s delicious food would be enough to satisfy anyone, but add a patio looking directly onto the quirky and lively Sevier Ave? We’ve got a winner. You sevens can people watch all morning and not feel one ounce of FOMO. In addition to that, the close proximity to the South Knox outdoors, being quite literally next to the party that is Alliance Brewing Co., and an Anthony Bourdain quote on the wall all solidify Simpl as the brunch spot for adventurers. Better yet, their specials make it possible to try something new every time!

(Honorable Mention: Want to look out on a dog park instead? Check out OliBea – but we can’t promise you won’t experience some series FOMO 😂)

Nines (The Peacemaker): The Front Porch

We know you’d rather be sleeping in than meeting for brunch, but the Front Porch in Powell will make you feel like you’re still right at home. Located in a big, beautiful southern house, The Front Porch is a must-try for every brunch-loving homebody.

Y’all, we didn’t even hit all the great brunches and breakfasts in Knoxville! There’s Holly’s Gourmet Market, Scrambled Jake’s, and Knox Farmacy for anyone with taste buds – because we can’t let enneagram types put you in a box. Eat all the brunch at all the places all the time because they’re all wonderful. Cheers to the best Galentines Day ever!

(If you really want the best Galentine’s Day ever, click here for info on Galentines Day with New2Knox feat. brunch by Simpl!)

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