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The Ultimate Knoxville Gift Guide

If you have already finished your Christmas shopping, we are fundamentally not the same kind of person. I probably have a lot to learn from you and I’m frankly not sure why you clicked on this article at all. However, if you have been quietly muttering to yourself, “Everything will be fine, everything will be fine,” as yet another December weekend passed by with no presents purchased, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here with the ultimate Knoxville gift guide so when you are finally able to do some Christmas shopping, you can do so fully prepared to shop local, support our cute lil Scruffy City, and absolutely floor your loved ones (or, you know, general acquaintances you somehow got roped into buying a gift for) with your thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts. Without further ado, here is your ultimate Knoxville Gift Guide:

The Ultimate Local Gift Guide:

For the Fashionista:

⭐️ Statement Earrings from That Clay Girl

🌟 Leather Tote from Honeymouth

⭐️ Necklace for a Cause from MakesCents Jewelry

🌟 Custom Jeans from Marc Nelson Denim

⭐️ Pair of Shoes from The Quaint Ensemble

🌟 Knoxville Sweatshirt from The DW Designs

Zero Waste Knoxfill

Image from @knoxfill

For the Friend Whose Self Care is #goals:

⭐️ Face Scrub or Bath Bombs from Harper Naturals

🌟 Aromatherapy from Tonya Rea’s Teas and Remedies

⭐️ Beard Balm from Coulis Beard Co.

🌟 Zero-Waste Body Starter Kit from KnoxFill

Image from Native Maps

For the Friend Who Moved Away (Rude):

⭐️  Neighborhood T-Shirt from Nothing Too Fancy

🌟 Map of Knoxville from Native Maps (peep that 20% off situation by the way👀)

⭐️ Cozy “Smoky Mountain Cabin” candle from 865 Candle Company

Image from Euphoric Cheese Shop

For the Aspiring Chef Who You’re Totally Friends With for More Than That One Reason But It is Still a Great Perk:

⭐️ Cutting Board from SoKno Woodworking

🌟 4-Pack of Olde Virden’s Spices

⭐️ Charcuterie Box from Euphoric Cheese Shop

For the Trendy Homemaker:

⭐️ DIY Macrame Plant Hanger with Macrame Momma

🌟 Pretty Print from Allie Biddle

⭐️ Custom Wooden Sign from Scruffy City Letters

🌟 Plant & Pot from Oglewood Avenue

Alliance Brewing Co in SoKno

For the Beer-Lovin’ Buddy:

⭐️ “Local Mix Pack” (ie. a curated selection of Knoxville brews) from Knox Brew Hub

🌟 The Coolest Beer Glass They’ll Ever Own a la Pretentious Glass Co.

⭐️ Rad Freakin’ Merch from Xul Beer Co.

For the Friend Who’s Your Favorite:

⭐️ BFF “Endless Chain” matching bracelets from ACF Jewelry

🌟 Since it seems you legitimately like this person, we suggest giving a gift where you can actually spend time with each other! Check out our Experiential Gift Guide for gift ideas you don’t even have to wrap 🙌

Glitterville Studios in Knoxville, TN

For the Tiny Friend (ie. Child):

⭐️ Knoxville Puzzle from Paris Woodhull at Rala

🌟 Create Your Own Monster Kit from Monsters Made with Love

⭐️ Whimsical Wand from Glitterville

Mahalo Coffee Beans from Knoxville TN

For the Teacher/Office Party/General Acquaintance You Don’t Really Know That Well but Still Have to Give Something To:

⭐️ Bag of Coffee from Mahalo, K Brew or Golden Roast

🌟 Cookie the Size of Your Face from Myrtle’s Bakehouse

⭐️ Sweet Treats from Knoxville Chocolate Co.

Thanks for shopping small and scruffy this season, friends. We hope this list has helped make the next few weeks of shopping feel a little less daunting! If you end up finding an absolutely obsession-worthy gift from a local maker, you better tag us on the ‘gram so we can see it 🤩

Not into spending money on stuff this year? Props to you 🙌🙌 Check out our gift guide full of experiences here!

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