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5 Must-Try Vegan Meals in Knoxville

When you think of the South, vegan food isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. No, it’s more like biscuits and BBQ or bust. Needless to say, when moving to Knoxville from a very vegan-centric city, I was super nervous about the vegan and plant-based scene. But let me you, Knoxville has got it going on in the vegan world! After many, many Google searches and tons of scootin’ around the city, we found a whole list of plant-based options that are both vegan and carnivore approved. (Yes, a carnivore did come along on this delicious journey and loved every bite of it!) It’s time to eat our way around the city, pals! Without further ado: Here are five vegan meals in Knoxville you absolutely must try.

Here are Five Vegan Meals in Knoxville You Absolutely Must Try:

KoPita Authentic Mediterranean – Sabich Pita


Mediterranean restaurants always have a whole smorgasbord of vegan options *queue all those falafel filled thoughts* but KoPita Authentic Mediterranean takes it to another level with an entire vegan menu to look through. Yeah, their menu is split into a vegan side and meat side – but the best part? You can finally eat some non-falafel based meals that are more than just onions and hummus in a wrap! The Sabich Pita is an explosion of flavors that’ll keep you dreaming about it for days. Plus, their baklava is even vegan, how cool!? PRO-TIP: If you compliment the chef, you may even get a little extra of that tasty vegan treat.

Chili Crisp Noodles from Landing House in South Knoxville

Landing House – Chili Crisp Noodles


Okay, South Knox just may be this vegan gals new favorite hang out spot. Most businesses and restaurants here have vegan options – and not just a house salad with balsamic vegan options. No – we’re talkin’, like, options. I know, crazy! The Landing House has a whole array of vegan options that everyone will crave. Their Chili Crisp Noodles were too good to share and we each ended up with our own bowl of the spicy and savory goodness😂  And they get bonus points for the easy to read, allergy/diet menu so you always know if a meal is right for you!

good golly tamale in knoxville's old city

Good Golly Tamale – Vegan Soul


Between the chill atmosphere, low-key vibes, and the absolute best vegan tamales, what isn’t there to love about Good Golly Tamale? Order yourself a Vegan Soul tamale with a side of black soup beans and curtido and you have yourself the best rainy day dinner – seriously, we chowed down while watching rain flood Old City. These tamales were so good, nothing could bother us and our stuffed mouths!

tomato head vegan sandwich

Tomato Head – The Vegan


It’s hard to choose just one vegan option at Tomato Head (just like it’s hard to choose which location to hit up) but we’re going to go with The Vegan! Tomato Head is a plant-based favorite in town – seriously, pretty much every vegan we’ve encountered has told us to try it.  Basically every category on their menu comes with a vegetarian and vegan option – meaning you’ll always have something to eat. The Vegan is their, well, vegan sandwich, with a super original name!😉😂 It’s stacked high with veggies and a massive block of tofu (and surrounded with chips). After you finish your dinner, you get to chow down on one of their delicious vegan cookies. Oh yeah, they even have the sweet stuff 🙌

Emilia – Campanelle con Funghi y Pinoli


Who knew we would find the most amazing Italian meal right here in Knoxville –  and that it’d be vegan?! Praise. Think creamy, authentic, and just *chef’s kiss* delicious. Word on the street is it’s one of their most ordered dishes – for both vegans and non-vegans. Pair it with a big glass of wine, and you’ll have yourself a night.

You also absolutely must ask about their vegan desserts. Honestly, we just told the waiter that I was vegan and she came back saying, “You have to try this.” Now we’re telling you to do the same 😂🙌

Next Level Brewing Co in North Knoxville

Bonus Find – Next Level Brewing Company


Beer may not be a meal exaaactly, but vegans can rejoice at Next Level Brewing Company! The beer board is clearly labeled with vegan and non-vegan options so you don’t have to do a deep dive into each beer’s ingredient list before choosing. (If you’re reading this wondering how beer cannot be vegan, have fun on that lil Google deep dive! Here’s a spot to start.)

Next Level Brewing has been known to host some great vegan food trucks in their parking lot as well – so look out for the next time you can have a cold one with a vegan chickky sandwich!

This list is only a few of the amazing plant based options in Knoxville, and more are popping up everyday! Knoxville is going through a lil vegan renaissance and we are totally here for it. In the meantime, the chefs in town are super accommodating. So what’s stopping you?? Get on out there and get your vegan fix! 

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