Fall in Knoxville Bucket List

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Fall in Knoxville Bucket List

We admit we are the ficklest of Tennessee girlies. When spring comes, IT’S OUR FAVORITE. When summer comes, IT’S OUR FAVORITE. When Christmas comes, IT’S OUR FAVORITE. In our defense, when winter comes, it can go right back to where it came from. But hear us out: fall in Knoxville IS ACTUALLY OUR FAVORITE, WE MEAN IT THIS TIME.

The traditions, the colors, the cooler temperatures – it’s all so sweet. So don’t go into hibernation quite yet, pals! Here is a quick Fall in Knoxville Bucket List for you:

1.) Vol Cheerin’

Is Knoxville more than a college town? YEAH, BABY. But is cheerin’ on those orange-clad sporty spices still a huge part of fall in Knoxville? Oh, you beeetter believe it.

All we’re saying is don’t knock it til you try it 😉 If you can get your hand on some tickets, the vibe inside Neyland Stadium is infectious. If not, you can still pop over to Vol Village for free entertainment, big screens, and general game day energy! Orrr head to somewhere like Yee-Haw Brewing to experience their Jumbotron and brews and game day craziness. Embrace the orange, babe 😂

2.) Spooky Sippin’

We go HARD for some fall flavors and autumn aesthetics. Reading Anne of Green Gables while sipping a local fall latte should definitely be on your fall bucket list.

But when the sun goes down & the ghouls come out, put down the [classic, wonderful, you should definitely read it if you haven’t already] book & head over to Brother Werewolf  for some spooky sippin’ 👀 During the spookiest of seasons, Brother Wolf bar in the Old City transforms into Brother Werewolf. This Halloween pop-up greets you with an animatronic werewolf (or is that just what they want us to think??😳😰) before pouring you a deliciously thematic cocktail & entertaining you with a string of classic horror films.

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3.) Pumpkin Patchin’

Spooky not your style?? (We get it – spooky things 1000% give us nightmares 😂) Fear not & head over to a pumpkin patch instead. Hellooooo, wholesome fall activties! Though for those of you who do want to be scared, getting lost in a corn maze should do the trick 😳

Here are a few around Knoxville worth checkin’ out: Oakes Farm, Maple Lane, Walnut Springs, & Deep Well Farm.

[psssst how cute is this pupper photo from @kaylafayeclark??🥺)


4.) Spooky Seasin'

OKAY, BACK TO THE SPOOK. There are plenty of ways to embrace the spook before October’s horror-filled days make way for November’s daily thankful Facebook posts. (For instance, here are Knoxville’s most haunted spots 👀)

Brother Werewolf is definitely holding down the fearful fort, but they’re not the only ones embracing the darkness. Albright Grove, Southside Garage, and Cruze Farm are a few places hosting weekly Halloween Movie Nights this season. Rocky Horror Picture Show is being shown at both the Tennessee Theatre & Crafty Bastard. Hi-Wire is hosting a Halloween Silent Disco. Spooky markets & drag shows & trivias abound. (Not to plug our own stuff but our “This Week in Knoxville” post over on Instagram will not let you down with ideas. 😂)

Besides all that goodness, Downtown Knoxville in general is a fun place to hang with their “Wicked Cool Knoxville” initiative. Decorations & drink specials & photo opps will get you in the spooky spirit in no time.

5.) Leaf Peepin’

You may think Knoxville is beautiful (BOO-tiful? Thematic pun? Yeah? 👻) now, but just wait until the leaves start their gruesome journey toward death. Is anything spookier than pointing & photographing & actively seeking the death of thousands of leaves? Well, when it comes to this kind of spook, sign us up 😉😂 Leaves dying means Knoxville’s scenery has come to LIFE. Peep those leaves, baby.

All kidding aside, East Tennessee is full of great spots for autumn views – from the mountains to the city streets – and they are definitely worth the journey to see. Here are a few of our favorite spots to see leaves in Knoxville.

This falls, er, FEELS like a good start – but what’s on youuur Fall in Knoxville Bucket List??

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