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What to Do for Halloween in Knoxville
It’s Halloween week (Halloweek, if you will) witch means there is plenty to boo in Knoxville, Tennessee! Whether you want to hit as many spooky events as possible or you need to carefully choose your one golden extroverted opportunity, here are a bunch of Halloween events for all ghosts and goblins to check out this week!


Halloween Silent Discos
Hi-Wire Brewing Co and Honeybee Coffee are both putting on a scary good time at their Halloween Silent Discos! Come dance the night away (Thriller, anyone?) at HONEYBEE on Friday, October 28th or HIRE-WIRE on Saturday, October 29th, from 8pm-12am with three dueling DJs. Tickets for Hi-Wire are $10 in advance or $15 at the door.

Halloween Market
Head back to the South Side the next day for the Halloween Market! From 2-6pm in the parking lot across from South Coast Pizza, you can enjoy local shopping and trick or treating with all the vendors. Costumes encouraged!

Ijams Scared
Ijams Nature Center is getting spooky all week long! They’ve got a calendar of events spanning a night of scary stories (10/25), Ijams’ Enchanted Forest (10/28), a caving trip (10/29), a volunteer work day at the Stanton Cemetery (oooOOOoooo👻), and moooore!

Boooovie Night!
Come, we fly to South Side Garage on Wednesday, October 26th at 8pm! They’re showing Hocus Pocus on their big screen – and with food trucks and a full bar, it’d frankly be scary to miss. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. South Side is alsooo where you can pick up your passports for the Old Sevier Halloween Bar Crawl on Saturday!


Booovie Night!
Central Cinema is hosting a MONSTROUS double feature on October 27th & October 29th! Catch Dracula and Frankenstein back to back. (Get it? Monstrous? Okay, booving on…)

You’re a Wizard:
Think you’re smarter than the average muggle? Head to Next Level Brewing Co on Wednesday, October 26th for Harry Potter trivia at 7pm and proooove iiiiit!


Brother Werewolf:
You may have been to Brother Wolf in the Old City by now, but have you dared enter Brother Werewolf? A Halloween pop-up has taken over Brother Wolf with a spooky menu to enjoy, scary movies on the projector, and decor that will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirits. But beware! When November 1st hits, it will be like it never happened…
(PS. Right across the street, Pour Taproom will be partying & costume-contesting it up on Saturday)

Wicked Cool:
Downtown Knoxville is always wicked cool if you ask her biggest fans (*cough cough* that’s us *cough cough*) but she’s especially wicked cool this month! Until the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, you can head to downtown in costume and take a photo with the iconic Tennessee Theatre sign to be entered to win local gift cards and goodies! Just post your photo with #knoxhalloween or upload it right here.

Oh, the [Rocky] Horror!
Speaking of the Tennessee Theatre, come back to catch the full ✨experience⚡️ of The Rocky Horror Picture Show there on Saturday, October 29th. Snag your tickets here because It. Will. Be. Fabulous.

Haunted History:
Nothing spooks us quite the way TRUE STORIES SPOOK US. No thank you. But if that’s your cup of tea, head to the Blount Mansion for a candlelight tour through one of Knoxville’s most haunted spots. Spooky tours will be happening Thursday-Sunday so snag your spot if you dare!


Write as a Ghost:
The Bottom has partnered with UT’s department of English to host a Halloween-themed poetry workshop called “The Spells We Cast.” It’s all goin’ down on Wednesday, October 26th!

Boooovie Night:
Cruze Farm on Asbury Rd. is hosting their own showings of Hocus Pocus on October 28th & 29th! But instead of drinks and food trucks, you can enjoy ice cream and a drive-in theater.


Token Game Tavern:
This Cedar Bluff bar just has a cool vibe period, but they’re kickin’ it up a notch for Halloweek. We’re talkin’ Nightmare Before Christmas Trivia on the 26th, a Stephen King Horror Halloween Bash on the 28th, and a Killer Klowns from Outer Space (WUT) Halloween Bash on the 29th! If Instagram ain’t lyin’, you’re gonna wanna pull out all the stops for these costume-wise as well. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween 😂

Boooovie Night!
The last movie night but certainly not the least movie night on this list goes to Albright Grove Brewing Co.!  They’re playin’ Halloween (ha, fitting) on their patio so bundle up or Michael Myers won’t be only one to getcha! (To be clear, the cold will get you… not some alternate terrifying fictional character.)


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