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All Things Easter in Knoxville

(updated for 2023)
It’s Easter in Knoxville, Tennessee! (Well, not just in Knoxville… but that’s obviously what we’re focusing on here… I digress.) Whether you’re lookin’ for brunch, beers, or some services to check out – Knoxville’s got you. Read on to plan the best Easter ever, you cute lil scruffy bunnies!


We love a holiday that elevates brunch. Independence Day hot dogs are great, but a mimosa and French Toast? Sign us up. If you’re new to Knoxville and Easter brunch at Grandma’s just isn’t going to happen, these local businesses have got👏you👏covered👏

⭐️ Simpl in South Knoxville is going to be open for brunch from 10am-3pm on Easter Sunday! Their menu is always rotating to keep up with what’s fresh and local (very eggciting, in our opinion) , so ask your server what they’ve been jonesin’ for lately and you won’t be disappointed. (Reserve your spot here!)

🌟 Ale Rae’s Gastropub will be open for Easter brunch this Sunday from 10AM-3PM! Come for the brunch but stay for the patio because East Tennessee is (*wipes solitary tear from cheek*) beautiful 🥲

⭐️  Want to hop out west for a casual brunch? Crafty Bastard Brewery – West has brunch PIZZAAAaaa from 11AM-2PM! Don’t knock it til you try it, people.

🌟Finally, if you want to be a fancy little downtown rabbit, Babalu & Cafe 4 will both be open at for brunch! (If you ask us, Babalu’s soft pink aesthetic and $3 mimosas✨ just scream Easter Brunch and Cafe 4’s patio overlooking Market Square is what brunch dreeeeams are made of.)

Image by @pilatesjill

Image by @pilatesjill


If you do happen to be at family brunch and end up needing a getaway, the local beer scene has you covered.

⭐️ Speaking of having you covered, Knox Brew Hub has you covered when it comes to the local beer scene, period – including on Easter Sunday!

🌟 Speaking of having you covered again, Pour Taproom has you covered when it comes to tasting all beer, period. We love a taste test and Pour is the place to streeeetch your beer horizons to new heights.

⭐️ Speaking of streeetching, Hi-Wire Brewing in South Knoxville will also be open on Sunday and hosting yoga at 11AM! If it’s nice, they’ll do it on the rooftop which feels like an Easter miracle 🤩

⭐️ Crafty Bastard Brewery (both locations) will also be open for Easter beers! Fun Fact: I got engaged on Easter Sunday a few years back – a full week earlier than my now-husband (and all my friends) initially planned. Why? Deep talks over beers at Crafty’s sprung the whole thing into action (much to the chagrin of my BFF who was planning to drive into town for the occasion). Not ooonly will they be open – the Emory Place location is also hosting the “Pretty Fun” Market from 12-6pm!


Easter in Knoxville means Easter Egg Hunts. But if you’ve got littles and are on the hunt for some events you’ll *both* enjoy, look no further, friend.

⭐️ Stanley’s Greenhouse is hosting a free Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 8th starting at 9am! Finding an egg will get you a discount, a free plant, or another goodie. Your littles will love hunting for eggs and youuuu will love Stanley’s Greenhouse. Trust us, it’s a dream 😂

🌟 Hey Bear Cafe is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt from 12-4pm in their big beautiful backyard! Just ask for a wristband at the counter after buying your boba and your kids will thank you for ages.

Easter Service in Downtown Knoxville


Yes, yes, “Knox Easter Bibles” would be the better alliteration here but in our defense – it doesn’t quite make sense. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate before all the brunches and beer, here are a few fun spots to check out!

⭐️ Conveniently located to all the beer (cheers to the Downtown North neighborhood😂🙌) The Point Church is having an Easter Sunday service at 10:30am! Don’t let the big ole columns fool you – they’re pretty chill.

🌟 Just down the street from your brunch at Simpl, City Church in South Knox is also celebrating at 10:30am! (Both these guys and The Point are serving up Likewise Coffee, just sayin’ 😋)

⭐️ If you’re wanting to hit up that Hey Bear Cafe Easter Egg Hunt (and honestly, why wouldn’t you be?) Fellowship is just a smidge down the street. They’ve got three times to choose from – 7:45am, 9:15am, and 11am.

🌟 Faith Promise is the most ginormous one. They have locations all over the city (and a good chunk of services to choose from all weekend) so you should be able to easily find one near your other Easter activities!

⭐️ Finally, just around the corner from Pretentious, Awaken Old City Church is tucked in the back of Awaken Coffee and will be having services at 9:30 & 11:15am!

Whatever your weekend entails, we hope you have a loooovely local holiday!

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