5 Must-Try Pizzas in Knoxville

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5 Must-Try Pizzas in Knoxville

Whether it’s game day chaos or a cozy night at home watching reruns of Gilmore Girls, if you’re anything like us… you’re hungry 😂 And in almost any scenario, what’s better than pizza? Luckily, Knoxville is home to some pretty stellar pizza spots. In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite (dare we say the best) pizza spots in Knoxville!

1.) A Dopo Sourdough Pizza

DOWNTOWN NORTH: If you’re looking for a mouthwatering, sophisticated pizza experience in Knoxville, you MUST try A Dopo. Known for its wood-fired sourdough crust and fresh, local ingredients, A Dopo knows how to wow the crowd. (Even Forbes thinks so.)

They offer takeout if you’re lookin’ for a mellow night at home but I hiiiighly recommend making a reservation and dining in (believe me, it’s worth putting pants on for). A Dopo gives us all the moody vibes with the dramatic low lighting, candles, and delicate mismatched plates. The open-concept kitchen is also pretty darn spectacular since you can see your pizza in action (for all my foodie friends out there). I can honestly say I’ve tried most of the pizzas at A Dopo. Still, the ones I keep running back to would be the Margherita (red sauce, house-made mozzarella, basil, and olive oil) and the Funghi (white truffle oil, speck ham, taleggio cheese, roasted mushrooms, and chives). Whether it’s a girl’s night, a solo adventure, or a first date, be sure to keep A Dopo in mind for a truly special evening!

PRO-TIP: Splurge for the sweet hot. (And click here to see how to make the whole experience just a little more interesting 😉)

2.) Hard Knox Pizza

WEST & NORTH: It’s time to finally try Hard Knox Pizza (you know you want to)! This is one of the first places I tried when I moved to Knoxville four years ago and it is still one of my absolute fave spots. The pizzas are named after old-school boxers (how fun is that?), and there are over twenty pizzas to choose from. You could share… or not 😉 Recently, I tried the Veggie (mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, and onions) and the La Motta (mozzarella, caramelized garlic, and oregano). The wood-fired crust is perfectly charred and there is something for everyone. They have three locations, so wherever you find yourself in Knoxville (Bearden, Hardin Valley, or North Knox, to be specific), be sure to seek out Hard Knox for a pie that really packs a punch! 

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3.) Cruze Farm Pizza Barn

EAST KNOX: Chances are, you’ve heard of Cruze Farm – and if not, you’re in for a (cold 😉) treat. They’re known for their soft-serve ice cream, fresh milk, and delish pizza. They don’t serve pizza at every location – but that just makes the pizza barn that much more special! 

Y’all, they use the milk from their cows (yes, it’s an actual farm!) for their homemade buttermilk ranch and… I’m a changed person from it. Full stop. Besides the ranch, I also tried the Cowgirl’s Dream (chicken, spinach, and garlic cream sauce) and it’s like spinach dip on a crunchy pizza crust (a pizza party for the tastebuds🥳). When you finish up your pizza party, walk across the street to enjoy some locally iconic ice cream!

4.) South Coast Pizza

SOUTH KNOX: This quirky spot is a fan fave for a reason. Besides being delicious, South Coast Pizza place is just super fun. From the beer can chandelier to the retro video games, you are guaranteed a good time the second you walk through the door. The outdoor patio is perfect for a laid-back evening (cue the string lights), there is plenty of space for families or a big ole group of friends, or you can even take the short walk down to Suttree Landing to enjoy your pizza by the river. Speaking of, let’s talk pizza!

South Coast has some of the most creative specialty pizzas I’ve seen around town. I decided to ditch anything traditional and ordered the Cuban (mustard BBQ base, mozzarella, dill pickles, pulled pork, and ham) and the Green Dragon (pesto, spinach, mozzarella, mushroom, black olive, and blue cheese). Both were so tasty (apparently I’m a huge fan of blue cheese on pizza now?? Try it before you judge me!😂). So the next time you find yourself in SoKno, grab a cold craft beer and some freaky good pizza at South Coast!

5.) Tomato Head

DOWNTOWN & WEST: The Tomato Head is a Scruffy City culinary gem. From the freshly baked bread, handcrafted hummus, and gorgeous salads, they know a thing or two about good food. They have a pretty extensive menu (we love ✨options✨) but we’re obviously here to talk about the pizza. The crust is soft with a bit of chew and the ingredients are top-notch (they are all about freshness)! They have unique specialty pizzas (one has smoked salmon and another, lamb sausage). Howeveeer, you can also build your own pizza! I tried a pepperoni pizza with roasted garlic and basil, and it was *chef’s kiss*. When I go to the Tomato Head, I know I am getting the best of the best. You know you want a pizza this! 😉😝


This isn’t even the last of it, pals! There’s the fancy North Knox classic Pizzeria Nora or the brand new kid on the scene, Hole in the Wall pizza (it’s a literal hole in the wall of Crafty Bastard West). Wherever you end up eating your pizza, just remember to support small businesses and enjoy good food. Thankfully, Knoxville makes it easy! 🤩 Ciao!

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