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7 Days of Live Music in Knoxville

7 Days of Live Music in Knoxville

Whether you’ve got a taste for bluegrass (welcome to Tennessee!), jazz (oh you fancy), or you prefer some acoustic strumming to accompany your beer sipping, here’s where to find FREE live music in Knoxville, Tennessee  seven days a week. While our neighbor to the west may be more well known for her music scene (have you heard of a little place called Nashville?), our favorite lil scruffy city (Knoxville, duh) certainly holds her own when it comes to live music opportunities. After all, Dolly herself would make the trek over from Sevierville to Knoxville to perform at just ten years old.



  • Tuesdays are more known for trivia here in Knoxville (seriously, there are endless options for Trivia Tuesday), but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch some live music! Head to Jig & Reel on Tuesdays to catch the Old Time Jam With Sarah Pirkle. Feel free to just listen and enjoy over some scotch – or take an instrument off the wall and join the party!
  • Depending on the season, you can usually catch free jazz on Tuesdays as well! In the colder months, catch it inside The Emporium on Gay St. In warmer months, various jazz bands & trios take the Market Square outdoor stage and the vibe is IMMACULATE.
  • The WDVX Blue Plate Special happens almost every single day. It’s is a live performance radio show held at noon inside Visit Knoxville in Downtown Knoxville & hosts a wide array of musicians from around the region!



  • Backdoor Tavern is a Knoxville classic nestled in Bearden. They have live music periodically through the week, but Thursdays specifically are Open Mic Jam Nights on their outdoor stage!
  • In the summer, head back to Market Square every third Thursday of the month for variety concerts! Grab a pal & a lawn chair & make a day of it in Downtown Knoxville.
  • Earlier in the day – you guessed it – The WDVX Blue Plate Special is live inside Visit Knoxville at noon!


  • Fridays are STUFFED FULL of live music! You can usually find it at places like Albright Grove Brewing Co. (their patio is divine), Scruffy City Hall & Preservation Pub, Pour Taproom, Backdoor Tavern, Barley’s Taproom & Pizzaria, Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus, and honestly like a zillion other places 😂🙌 Take a stroll through town & find your favorite!
  • Remember that The WDVX Blue Plate Special? It still happens at noon, but on Fridays they take a field trip over to Barley’s Taproom so you can enjoy lunch as you listen!
5 Ways to Live Sustainably in Knoxville

5 Ways to Live Sustainably in Knoxville

Let’s be honest – the last few years have allowed time for far too many documentary binges. We’ve had two hour deep dives on everything from dairy and sugar to aliens and sustainability. Since writing about aliens feels like a bit of a leap for this site (it’s New2Knox, not New2Earth, after all), we figured we’d share all things sustainable living in Knoxville instead. If you’ve watched a few documentaries yourself, or you’re simply feeling motivated to live a more waste-free lifestyle, here are 5 ways to live sustainably in the Scruffy City!

1.) Waste-Less & Mackle-More

That was a less-than-clever way to say that Knoxville is stuffed with awesome thrift shops! From furniture to clothing to whozits and whatzits galore, there’s no need to buy it new. And the hunt can be pretty fun! You can always stick to the classics like Goodwill and KARM, but definitely don’t stop there. Pop Weasel, Retrospect, Ladies of Charity, and French Fried Vintage are some (of many) fun places to thrift in North Knoxville. In Bearden, check out spots like Nostalgia and Four Seasons. Head to downtown Clinton for essentially an entire street of antique shops. Did you know there’s even a Netflix show about thrifting in East Tennessee? (Or that we lowkey binged said show in about two days?🙃) Basically, this town was made for thrifting. Go forth, you sustainable babe, you.

KnoxFill makes sustainable living in Knoxville easy

Image from @knoxfill

2.) That Refill Life

We only heard about KnoxFill this past year (which isn’t terrible, since she only launched this past year), but we quickly became obsessed. KnoxFill provides refills on sustainably-made (and legitimately good) cleaning products, shampoo, laundry detergent, you name it. They work with super intentional suppliers (shout out to Knox Girl Soap) and will literally come to your doorstep to take empties and leave refills. (Or you can opt to take advantage of their pick-up locations, thus having an excuse to hang out at Jack’s or CommonPlace. No judgement here 😉) All that and she whips out fun and educational reels on the ‘gram?! Sign us up.

sidewalks and greenways connect Knoxville

3.) Ride On, Cowboy

There are actually a handful of ways to reduce the carbon footprint your car is leaving around here! First, Knoxville is riddled with connecting greenways and sidewalks. These can literally get you from one side of the city to the other on your bike (or a nice, inconveniently long walk). We’ve got a guide to greenways for you here or another great resource for navigating these is Outdoor Knoxville! You can even get a recycled and restored bike from Two Bikes to feel two times better about yourself.
If sustainable living in Knoxville was your New Year’s resolution but exercising was decidedly not, there’s still hope. Knoxville’s getting 12 new all electric city buses early this year! The trolley-clad buses downtown are even free. (I so hope you knew those adorable trolleys were actually buses pretending to be trolleys before this moment…😬)

Image from Happy Cow

4.) I Love Eat Earth

We all need to eat – so why not do so sustainably? In peak season, there are various farmers markets all over Knoxville where you can shop local and support people right in your community. We’re particularly excited that Nourish’s Winter Market is staying in Market Square this year! (Because supporting your community and shopping sustainably is even better after enjoying a mimosa downtown😉) Between markets, you can hit up spots like Three Rivers Co-Op in North Knoxville (also great for a quick lunch) or take advantage of things like Market Wagon (they basically can bring the farmers market to your doorstep).

composting is a way to live sustainably in Knoxville

5.) Do The Most & Compost

Remember when everyone was saying, “There’s an app for that”? Well, there’s a local Knox biz for that. If you’re new to the world of composting, the Green Heron is the local business you need. They’ll set you up with what you need to get started, personally pick up your compost throughout the year, and then distribute it straight to area farms. Boom. [Com]posted.

What to Do for New Year’s Eve in Knoxville

What to Do for New Year’s Eve in Knoxville

You can only imagine our surprise when people started asking our opinion on what to do for New Year’s Eve in Knoxville. New Year’s Eve?! Are you sure? Again? Turns out, yes, January is following December again this year. I know! It shocks me every time too. But we powered through the astonishment and compiled a list so that all you planners out there have a chance to get your lives in order ahead of time. All we ask if that you save us a seat when we inevitably forget to make reservations. (Honestly, who can think about NYE when there are still Christmas cookies to be baked and eaten?!) Without further ado, here is what to do in Knoxville for New Year’s Eve 2022! a look at Simpl in South Knoxvill's Interior


⭐️ Simpl in South Knoxville is hosting their annual New Years Eve Dinner again this year! Grab a few friends and enjoy a delicious and locally-sourced four course dinner. Check out the menu and snag your tickets here! 🌟 Osteria Stella is hosting a 6 course Italian Dinner Experience in their swanky Old City space. Reserve your seat at one of two different time slots right here. ⭐️ If you’re looking for more of a Latin flair, the ever-stylish and delicious Babalu is the perfect spot for a NYE dinner. You can even rent one of their pods for your whole party to sit together. Snag your seats here!


You can see the Sunsphere from Five Thirty Lounge!

the view from Five Thirty Lounge


🌟 Radius Rooftop Lounge is hosting a rooftop party again this year! Tickets are $30/person and can be purchased by calling 865-770-5989. ⭐️ Across the street, the Five Thirty Lounge is hosting their own rooftop soiree! This is a NYE Masquerade Party. You can bring your own mask or they’ll have one for you when you arrive. Secure yourself a swanky party and complimentary champagne toast by reserving your spot here! People dance and sing along at a silent disco


⭐️ The Old City clubs are coming together to host an NYE Pub Crawl again this year! Your wristband will get you into Hanna’s, Old City Sports Bar, Wagon Wheel, and Southbound. Grab yours in advance here or snag it at any of the location on New Year’s Eve for just a few bucks more. 🌟 If clubs aren’t exactly up your alley, join the “club.” 😉 Thankfully, just down the street Pretentious Beer Co. is hosting a silent disco! They’ll have three different DJs, delicious beer, and the chance to welcome in the new year from the Old City! Tickets are $20/person (pssst they usually sell out) and can be bought right here.


⭐️ Back in South Knoxville, Hi-Wire Brewing Co. is putting on their own party! They’re hosting NYE Drag Shows all night long and you can secure your spot for just fiiiiiiive dollars in advance right here. Want the VIP experience? You’ll need to spend more than $5 but you can reserve a table and get champagne and cookies to boot! 🌟 Around the corner from Hi-Wire, SouthSide Garage will be [dance] partying the night away as well. They’ve got a DJ all night long, a free champagne toast at midnight, and *drumroll please* NO COVER. Our absolute favorite price to pay for a fun night out (*dabs tear*)


🌟 Worlds Fair Park is truly the place to be in the Scruffy City starting at 8pm. They’ll have food trucks, free activities, DJs, a silent disco, live music, and most importantly – a ball drop from the Sunsphere at midnight! That’s all for now, folks! You can find more events in Knoxville right here or every Monday on our “This Week in Knoxville” post on Instagram. In the meantime, make sure to add sparkly heels to your Christmas list so you can ring in the new year in Knoxville in style! 😉 PS. Discover our Local Knoxville Gift Guide right here!)

5 Spots for Igloos in Knoxville, TN

5 Spots for Igloos in Knoxville, TN

Do remember a time not too long ago when the end of patio season meant we had to do the unimaaaginable? (Secretly hoping you just heard that last word in Angelica Hamilton’s voice…) Yes, the end of patio seasons meant we had to eat and drink inside four walls. Ugh. It was a devastating turn of events each and every year. Now, however, these magical things called igloos pop up around patios all around Knoxville, and they let us be cozy, Christmasy, warm (and a little bougie) at our favorite bars and eateries all season long. Without further adoooo, we are here to give youuuu a cluuuue about igloooos in Knoxville, TN!


Image from @fivethirtylounge


We’re starting out at the very top, my friends – literally. Five Thirty Lounge is the rooftop bar above the Hyatt Downtown. We love this bar in every single season. but the igloos are definitely the reason for this particular (chilly) season. Five Thirty pulls out all the stops to make it a memorable experience with pillows and throw blankets, a little fireplace, even some Christmas decor placed inside your lil dome oasis. People often gape at $200 spending minimum, but there’s a way to crack the system. PRO-TIP: The igloos seat up to 8 people. Grab your 8 closest buddies (if you need some, just join a New2Knox Hop and we’ll help you find ’em 😉) and each of you will only have to spend ~$25. That’s a drink & a snack. Or you know what, just go on a total splurge date night because it’s Christmas and it’s magical and you’re a GROWN UP. Either way, you’ll want to make a reservation in advance. (PS. Check out other rooftop bars around Knoxville right here!) Image from @schulzbraubrewing


Schulz Brau in North Knox is a local holiday favorite for about a million reasons but three of those reasons are definitely the igloos. (Another reason is their Christkindlsmarkt German Christmas Market which we will literally never shut up about because it is the most precious.) These igloos are first come, first serve so grab your dunkel and start eyein’ those bad boys. When one opens up, RUN, DON’T WALK, DON’T STOP & GET $200, JUST MAKE YOUR MOVE. Sorry for yelling – we just don’t want you to miss your opportunity. There are no additional fees – just cozy igloos for you and your pals amongst Christmas cheer & delicious beer. (They also have some lovely fireplaces while you wait for you beer. Check out our other fave patios for fireside hangs here.)

Image by @miss_honeybear_thedoodle


Balter Beerworks has brought back their igloos yet again this year! Balter Beerworks is on the edge of downtown and while their beer is delish, the fooood is what we keep coming back for. These igloos are also first come, first serve with no extra fees or requirements. We, however, do have a requirement – you absolutely must try the hot chicken salad. It is delicious. That is all.


Point B opened up last year and has become qiute a favorite out in West Knoxville! They’ve got smaller igloos (they’re calling them “domes”) and an absolutely adorable way to enjoy sips & snacks on the patio while staying cozy and warm. You can reserve them or cross your fingers and hope one is available when you come – either way, there are no extra fees or requirements!

5.) The ZOOOOO

TWIST. Bet you didn’t see this one coming. A bunch of local eateries & bars and then BAM: lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. But trust us on this one. Zoo Lights is happening again this year and the absolute bougiest & coziest way to experience it is via igloo. You can rent an igloo for $90-$100/person depending on the size of your party but HEAR US OUT. That cost covers your admission to Zoo Lights, three appetizers, two cocktails, and a private server for your own personal igloo. Basically the only thing it doesn’t cover is a new pet penguin to live in the igloo with you. That about covers it, friends! If you find out about other spots with igloos around town definitely shoot us a DM on Instagram and tell us alllll about it. We hope you have a cozy, bougie, most wonderful time of the year. DISCOVER 6 COZIEST COFFEE SHOPS IN KNOXVILLE HERE.